Pole Top Photography.


6 Jul 2006
Hi Folks,

After procrastinating for a number of months, I finally decided to join the dark side and acquire a pole for photography as a number of photters also use them.
Getting the necessary bits weren't an issue but the stumbling block I've came across was what to use as a view finder. My camera (a Nikon D500) has a flip out screen and can comfortably view it from ground level, and remotely fire the shutter from a wireless shutter release.
However, is there a more comfortable solution which could be used?.

I know most later Nikons have a program called SnapBridge installed, and when linked to your phone, you can use the phone to shoot as well as adjust some settings, but the only drawback is that you can only use SnapBridge for single shots and not continuous - not ideal for shooting a train that's tanking along.

Is there any apps that can bypass SnapBridge?, I have tried using SnapBridge as a viewfinder only, but then my wireless shutter release won't work with it.

Thank You in advance for any help :)