Police Campaign a Success

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23 Jun 2005
Arriva Trains Wales said:

Officers from the British Transport Police are hailing a campaign to crackdown on late night crime and anti-social behaviour at Cardiff Central railway station a success

The summer long initiative, codenamed ‘Operation Topaz’ has been in force on every weekend during July and August with extra officers focusing on offenders committing crime at the railway station, on trains and within Central Square.

Sergeant Jim Hartson, operational commander from the British Transport Police, said: “This operation follows on from a number of successful operations undertaken in Cardiff’s Central Square during 2005. The long summer evenings can encourage a minority to drink excessively resulting in unacceptable behaviour at the station and on trains.”

He continued: “A significant factor in the majority of offences detected was the influence of alcohol. Through proactive highly visible policing and a zero tolerance approach, we have successfully detected and deterred the number of public disorder incidents and made the station a safer place for rail users and staff.”

Sixty-eight offenders were dealt with during the operation, ranging from drunken behaviour, criminal damage and the possession of controlled drugs. Twenty people were arrested, 31 cautions administered to adults and three reprimands to youths.

Mike Hurley, retail manager for Arriva Trains Wales/Trenau Arriva Cymru, said: “This operation has been good news for our customers and employees. The fear of crime is often worse than the reality, but it is important to stress the positive measures being taken by the Police to ensure a safe and welcoming environment, particularly during the late evening.

“We have previously developed joint initiatives with the British Transport Police aimed at eliminating crime and anti social behaviour on trains and stations, including the provision of DNA swab kits to employees. These kits can be used for the purpose of gathering evidence in the event of a spitting attack during the course of their duty,” he said.

Arriva Trains Wales has reached an agreement with the British Transport Police and four police forces in Wales, which will allow free travel on its services for uniformed police officers travelling to and from work.

This will further increase police presence on the company’s train services. Similar arrangements are in also place with Cardiff Bus and South Wales Police and British Transport Police uniformed Officers.

Published : 5 September 2005

Taken from http://www.arrivatrainswales.co.uk/...yID=46&article=840&sub_subnavID=&subnavID=134
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