Police send 10 year old home with amphetamines in her bag

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8 Jun 2005
From http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-13460745,00.html

'Police Boob over Speed'

A police force has apologised after an officer holding an anti-drugs lesson sent a 10-year-old girl home with amphetamines in her bag.

The bungling officer had been showing schoolchildren how easily sniffer dogs can locate hidden drugs.

A pack of the drug, known as speed, was left in the girl's satchel after the exercise.

Unwitting Kia Butterfield, from a primary school at Wainfleet St Mary, Lincolnshire, took the class B drug home at the end of the day and showed her horrified parents.

The mishap followed an event for 1,800 children at the Butlins Holiday Centre at Ingoldmells, near Skegness as part of a national drugs education programme.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: "What happened shouldn't have happened."

The sniffer dogs were brought in to deter the youngsters from carrying drugs.

Police confirmed that as part of the exercise a number of packages of amphetamine sulphate were stashed around the room and in pupils' belongings.

An investigation has already been carried out to find how the drugs were missed and why Kia and her classmates were allowed home without having their bags checked.

A spokesman said: "When the packages were being hidden, two packages were inadvertently placed in the girl's bag and when the dog found the drugs, only one package was retrieved."

Later, Chief Superintendent Dave Wheeler, head of Lincolnshire Police Operations Support, said of Kia: "She should be proud of the way she reacted in informing her parents when she discovered the drugs."

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7 Aug 2005
Jordy said:
Yikes that sounds a bit dodgey, you'd really think they would have checked bags before the pupils left.
Is that really practical though?
Seems like a simple mistake, I've had loads of things I've been asked to "look after" and the person has forgotten to ask for me to give it back, so I ended up taking it away by accident.
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