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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Par, 10 Mar 2020.

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    26 Aug 2009
    My daughter is currently en-route between Portsmouth to Manchester using the Outward portion of an Off-Peak return (route via London), arriving into Waterloo shortly. She has a seat reserved on the 1420 out of Euston, but clearly she could use a train before then if possible.

    Two questions:-

    1) Given that nothing has left Euston for Manchester for two hours and everything up to and including the 1320 is already cancelled, there has to be the possibility that nothing will start moving again until the evening peak restrictions kick-in (1501). If she has to travel after this, would the ticket then be accepted on trains between 1501 and 1844?

    2) Is the Portsmouth - Manchester ticket ordinarily valid via the MML changing at Sheffield irrespective of whether ticket acceptance is in place or not? If so I'll advise her to go to St Pancras immediately.

    All suggestions welcome

    Thanks in advance.
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    9 Apr 2019
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    [2] Yes. Map PR (which allows travel from London to Manchester via Sheffield on the M.M.L.) is a permitted route between London Group and Manchester, and LONDON is a permitted route between Portsmouth and Manchester. Your daughter would be free to travel via St Pancras and Sheffield; other posters will, I'm sure, advise on if this is best.

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