Potential Labour Party split (Split now happened).

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thenorthern, 18 Feb 2019.

  1. thenorthern

    thenorthern Established Member

    27 May 2013
    Looks like The Independent Group, Change UK or The Independent Group for Change hasn't worked out very well.

    All the media hype for nothing rather like all the media hype about Rory Stewart.
  2. Mag_seven

    Mag_seven Established Member

    1 Sep 2014
    here to eternity
    Meanwhile Corbyn continues to sit on the fence over Brexit.
  3. bramling

    bramling Established Member

    5 Mar 2012
    Hertfordshire / Teesdale
    The breakaway was never going to turn out well due to two factors, firstly the mix of red and blue, and secondly with the Liberal Democrats assuming their historic role of acting as the protest party.

    As for Rory, wouldn’t be sorry to see him off the stage. There’s something about him I find extremely irritating, although I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what. Same for Anna Soubry as it happens.
  4. Geezertronic

    Geezertronic Established Member

    14 Apr 2009
    She's had her head in the clouds recently, how anyone takes her seriously is beyond me
  5. DynamicSpirit

    DynamicSpirit Established Member

    12 Apr 2012
    Errr, what media hype? When the MPs broke away from Labour and the Tories, it was a big new story because that kind of thing doesn't happen often and was politically very significant. It looks to me like they got exactly the amount of coverage that the story merited. Since then, press coverage dwindled because ChangeUK didn't achieve anything much.

    Similarly Rory Stewart is attracting some interest because he's not saying the same things that almost every other Tory MP is saying. That's of interest because it's different and unusual, and so gets more coverage.

    I certainly wouldn't say that either story was hyped up beyond its general newsworthiness.
  6. Howardh

    Howardh Established Member

    17 May 2011
    This should be part of the leader election thread, but as you've mentioned Stewart I'll say he's the pick of a bad bunch. He looks the only one that won't take Britain over the cliff edge, and although I think his "People's Parliament" is potty (we have one, it's called, er.....) I do think that ultimately he could "change his mind" and get us through with a deal or pull out completely and revoke A50.

    Which means the Tory electorate will have him for toast. So it's Vote Boris Get Corbyn as I can't see him getting no-deal past parliament (cue vote of no confidence) leading to a snap election in early autumn and a chance to throw the tories out altogether.

    If you are a Labour supporter and also want Brexit; which would you rather have - Labour in power and we remain; or the Tories and we leave the EU?
  7. edwin_m

    edwin_m Veteran Member

    21 Apr 2013
    The same question would arise for non-Labour supporters that don't want Brexit. But actually neither arises until Corbyn clarifies what his Brexit policy actually is.
  8. swj99

    swj99 Member

    7 Nov 2011
    Whatever lies you may have been told about labour by the msm, the party will do a lot more for regular people in this country than the tories ever will.
    I can't afford to vote conservative, because I don't have enough money to fund my own private health care into old age, or a very good private pension, or a home that's registered in the name of an offshore company for capital gains and inheritance tax avoidance purposes.

    And from a moral standpoint, I could never vote for a party like the conservatives, which has stood by and allowed people to die on the streets in this so called civilised country.

    But was there enough to charge anyone with any criminal offences, or was it propaganda ?
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