Previous SWR Strike Timetable - Alton Line?

Discussion in 'Allocations, Diagrams & Timetables' started by joncombe, 10 Oct 2018.

  1. joncombe

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    6 Nov 2016
    I see that there are now strikes on SWR for every Saturday in November. I have booked to go on the Mid Hants Railway RAT on one of these Saturdays. So I wanted to know if the strike timetable on previous Saturdays had a train running late enough from Alton for me to get home after it. I know previous timetables are no gurantee of future timetables etc... but it is the best information available. Unfortunately, the old strike timetables are not on the SWR website and neither are any new ones. I have tried Open Train Times but the last strike day there was a bus replacement on this line (so presumably not impacted by the strikes) and their data does not go back to the previous strike. So does anyone still have a copy downloaded they could send me?

    I need to know if we'll now have to fork out for a taxi or abandon it entirely, if the strike does go ahead. :frown:
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  3. TEW

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    16 May 2008
    There will likely either be a train or a replacement bus. The Alton line has not tended to be left with no service. Late at night, I suspect it will be a replacement bus to Farnborough. SWR do not tend to publish strike timetables with an awful lot of notice unfortunately.

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