Priv Rate On Oyster - Once LUL Close Ticket Offices

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by phil1960, 8 Apr 2015.

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  1. phil1960

    phil1960 Member

    28 Nov 2008
    North London
    Hi all

    I see someone has posted a query about unable to buy single priv rate paper tickets from LUL ticket windows which has prompted me to ask this. With TfL in the process of closing down all their ticket offices, any idea where staff who are entitled to get:

    (a) Period zonal season tickets for LUL services (issued on Oyster since January 2014)
    (b) New applications for priv rate Oyster PAYG & the subsequent annual "renewal?

    Some NR ticket offices have Oyster issuing facilities, will these be able do the above to on behalf of TfL?

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  3. CyrusWuff

    CyrusWuff Established Member

    20 May 2013
    Still available on paper from National Rail Ticket Offices should you so desire...

    I can only assume that the new "staff" functionality on the POMs allows a member of LU staff to set discounts, including PRIV. You can certainly obtain a new Oyster card from them.

    Not only can they undertake said transactions, they already are!
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