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Private coaches on the Torbay express?

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12 Oct 2014
The latest Steam Railway magazine's Top Link section features this month the Torbay express hauled by 60163.

The author of the piece mentioned that amongst the 12 coaches in the consist, there were two privately owned BCK/BSKs.

I'm interested to know how & why this is the case (or why it was worth mentioning?) - I had imagined that the coaches are all supplied by one company.
Is it that someone who owns a coach has paid for their own private vehicle to be included in the rake, or that the company was short of brake vehicles and has had to hire them? From the pic included, the two I could pick out seem to be in the same livery as the rest of the train suggesting it wasn't a last minute stop-gap, and the author states he was in the 12th carriage, which would have been one of those, so I'm not sure it's the former of those two options either.

I'm sure there's a perfectly mundane reason but would be interested to know if anyone does know the answer to this!

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