Problems in the Trowbridge/Wiltshire area?

Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by craigwilson, 30 Oct 2011.

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  1. craigwilson

    craigwilson Member

    3 Jan 2010
    Buxton, Derbyshire

    Are there issues in this area? Currently on the train to Paddington that left Bristol Parkway at 1040, and we've been crawling along since leaving Bath Spa.
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  3. heart-of-wessex

    heart-of-wessex Established Member

    11 Jun 2005
    None reported, but it could be either:

    1. 1F09 0915 Cardiff - Pompey was delayed (is supposed to be 30 minutes ahead of you if on time) and you got held up. If you meant crawling as in stopping at signals and doing constant walking pace/30mph speeds that is?

    The signalling is very spaced out on the Avon Valley, and works wonders for our 30 min service but isn't designed for diversions/emergency diversions.

    2. I see in the system you are allocated a 12 minute journey from Bathampton Jn to Bradford Jn which in a unit takes only 9. Bear in mind is only a 60mph line for other trains (70mph for DMU's) and there is a 30 limit for locos through Dundas Aqueduct (but that might be for Bristol/bath direction only, unsure about southbound).

    That's all I can think it could be :?


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