Protracted disagreement with Southeastern over a Delay Repay claim

Discussion in 'Disputes & Prosecutions' started by maxbarnish, 6 Dec 2019.

  1. maxbarnish

    maxbarnish Member

    3 Oct 2017
    This is now into a 3rd appeal.

    All full details and correspondence are in the attached file

    The summary is

    17 November

    Woolwich Arsenal 14.39

    London Charing Cross 15.13

    London Paddington 16.03

    Exeter St Davids 18.35

    Exeter St Davids (bus) 18.58

    Cranbrook (bus) 19.24

    Arrived 1 hour 16 late - reason for initial delay was cancellation of 14.39 Southeastern service which caused the 16.03 service (an hourly service) from Paddington to be missed.

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  3. Haywain

    Haywain Established Member

    3 Feb 2013
    I don't think it's appropriate to expect people to open a large file to get the detail of your case. If you don't want to set it out in text then perhaps it's best not to bother.
  4. Metal_gee_man

    Metal_gee_man Member

    28 Oct 2017
    Having had a read, yes the bus is still considered part of the service and the bus delay should have been included.
    I've had various protracted disputes with SE and the use of split tickets, nearly 6 weeks and 3 appeals/resubmitting of the claim but I got to a point where they finally listened to me. I hope the team at SE sort it out, get the rules correctly applied and you get the money back.
    I guess it's not a matter of the money now but a matter of principle

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