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Discussion in 'Disputes & Prosecutions' started by Zeeshm, 9 Aug 2015.

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  1. Zeeshm

    Zeeshm Member

    21 Aug 2012
    I made a rather stupid mistake when boarding my train into work last week. Attempted to explain my story but got trolled instead.

    So for clarity the facts are:-

    I sat in first class assuming it was declassified following the overcrowded commutter train form Watford junction. I made a mistake. It was not declassified.

    A rpi entered the carriage and started fining individuals on the train. When he approached me I offered to buy a first class upgrade/ticket to which he refused.

    That's when I debated with him but was not rude, raised my voice or swore contrary to prior assumptions made.

    He then proceeded to call btp to meet us at London Euston as I repeated I wanted to purchase a. First class ticket. In addition to this I videoed the whole incident on my mobile.

    I'm guessing this is all a bit irrelevant as I read bye law 19 and the Rora act.

    My query is this. I've never had any issues with the rail company before and am a regular commutter. I made an error of judgement attempted to move down to standard class but the inspector was blocking my path. Once he did move I remained in that section for the remainder of my journey.

    When we arrived at Euston btp were not to be seen so I advised the rpi I would continue my journey. He then followed me all the way down to the underground, at which point a btp officer stopped me and I provided the rpi my name address and offered to pay the fine. He refused and said he would take an mg11 instead.

    He asked me a number of questions which I answered and at the end requested me to sign his notebook. I refused politely and advised him throughout the course of this conversation that empathise he had a difficult job but I had made a genuine mistake, having learnt from previous issues I have had in the past.

    I did however ask him not to invade my personal space or touch me as I felt threatened by this at one point on the train.

    Let's cut to the chase:-

    - what's a template letter to settle this out of court

    - why was he unwilling to sell me a single fare upgrade if it is the policy of London midland

    - why did he follow me down to tfls underground and why was he claiming it was a criminal vs civil matter.

    - I've got video recordings of the whole incident which I requested permission prior to recording the inspector. In it he claims I was refusing to give my details, to which I stated that's simply not the case I never once refused to give him my name and address, not sure why he said that. In addition you can see the date and time stamp on the train.

    I'm not interested in fighting this; I just want it to go away. I get it and anticipate the critics but would appreciate some useful advice on next steps to resolve in a civil manner with London midland.

    Am I better off calling them?

    Many thanks
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    I was traveling from Watford junction to London Euston on an Oyster card.
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  3. ainsworth74

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    16 Nov 2009
    As per your original thread please consult the Legal section of our Ticketing Guide for more information and with particular reference to this section and this section. As this should answer your questions.

    I do not believe there is anything else this forum can do for you and if you do require further assistance I would recommend contacting a solicitor. One skilled in criminal defence should be sufficient but if you have deep pockets solicitors specialising in railway law are available.
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