Question about a service to Roxby Gullet

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  1. HullSimplibus

    HullSimplibus Member

    9 Mar 2018
    Once a week, a service runs from the former Rossington Colliery (Rossington Loading Point) to Roxby Gullet. It seems to be cancelled every time it is supposed to run, though I think this might be to do with Rossington IPort.

    But my question is, did it ever run? Did anybody photograph it?

    Here is the path and working:

    FRGT 1329 Rossington Loading Point to Scunthorpe Roxby Gullet

    Schedule Information
    • WTT schedule UID H42433
    • Runs FO between 25/05/2018 to 07/12/2018
    • Service code 59155220
    Operational Information
    • Schedule from ITPS
    • Timed for 60mph max
    • Diesel locomotive, trailing load 2000tonnes

    WTT Route Allowances
    Pl Arr Dep Line Path Eng Pth Prf
    Rossington Loading Point 1329
    Rossington Colliery Jn 1339 1344
    Doncaster Decoy South Jcn pass 1350 1
    Decoy Nth Jn pass 1352
    Belmont Down Yard 1357 1412
    Bridge Jn pass 1417 WS2
    Doncaster [DON] DG 1419 1419
    Adwick [AWK] 2 pass 1427
    Carcroft Jn pass 1428
    Skellow Jn pass 1429 ½
    Applehurst Jn pass 1438
    Thorpe Marsh Jn pass 1439
    Hatfield & Stainforth [HFS] pass 1445 SL 1
    Thorne Jn pass 1448
    Crowle [CWE] 1 pass 1457 3
    Scunthorpe [SCU] 1 pass 1516 2½
    Scunthorpe Trent Jn pass 1521
    Scunthorpe Trent T.C. 1525 1549
    Scunthorpe Trent Jn pass 1552
    Scunthorpe Roxby Gullet 1617

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  3. eastwestdivide

    eastwestdivide Established Member

    17 Aug 2009
    Rossington Loading Point/Colliery isn't the same as the Iport, which is listed as "Doncaster Iport" in the systems, e.g. Realtimetrains.
    The Iport is connected to the freight line via Maltby, while Rossington is connected to the ECML S of Doncaster.

    Can't help with the service, though Roxby Gullet was the landfill site for the Manchester waste until fairly recently, so could your service have been intended for colliery waste to cap a landfill? Just a theory.
  4. HullSimplibus

    HullSimplibus Member

    9 Mar 2018
    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not entirely sure, but it might've been for that. I know Roxby is still used for waste in Manchester and even some from Angerstein Industrial Estate in Kent, via GBRf ran services rather than DB Cargo or Freightliner.

    Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been able to get on in a few days.

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