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    7.1 PlusBus

    PlusBus is an add-on (issued as a separate coupon) to rail tickets which allows unlimited travel on bus services on specified companies within one of hundreds of specified areas across Britain (search for maps). PlusBus is administered by Journey Solutions. PlusBus is usually valid on most if not all companies operating within the specified area and is available as a day ticket for all locations. Railcard discounts apply for these day tickets (See restrictions). There is no minimum fare. 7-day, monthly and yearly seasons are also available for many PlusBus locations (no Railcard discount).

    PlusBus day and season tickets are usually excellent value for money compared to the relevant operator-specific or all operator day or season tickets. However, singles (and sometimes returns) are usually better value than PlusBus day tickets if only making one journey. PlusBus is only available for travel around the origin and/or destination stations of a ticket, not intermediate stations.

    Some PlusBus tickets are better value than others. For example, a £3.00 Leeds PlusBus day ticket allows travel in the whole of West Yorkshire, whereas the £3.50 York PlusBus ticket is only valid in the York area.

    PlusBus can be bought from any station ticket office when purchasing or upon showing (an) appropriate rail ticket(s). You can also buy the day tickets online from any booking engine powered by Worldline WebTIS, Trainline or My Train Ticket or from Ticket Vending Machines run by some operators. You can buy the season tickets from Worldline WebTIS websites.

    PlusBus is only available with a rail ticket to/from a station outside of the PlusBus zone - (see PlusBus FAQ 12). PlusBus is therefore not available as an add-on to a journey within the PlusBus zones.
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    7.2 Bus & Tram links

    Integrated tickets which permit a single or return journey by train and bus or tram are available to and from many non-rail served destinations. For some of these tickets the non-rail served location is only available as a destination (e.g. Leeds Bradford Airport) while in other cases the non-rail served location is also available as an origin (e.g. Whitby Bus).

    Bus link fares are calculated by adding the appropriate Bus Day Single, Bus Day Return or Bus Period Return (return within a month) onto the rail fare. However, some bus link fares are not available to or from certain National Rail stations (e.g. You can get a ticket to Richmond Yks Bus from York but not from Northallerton).

    Bus link fares can be sold manually from any station as an add-on to any valid ticket already purchased to this station. This also applies to Advance tickets although some clerks may be reluctant to offer such a bus link add-on to an Advance.

    Some bus links are good value for money (York to Whitby Bus where the add-on Day or Period Return fare is £8.50 while the fares on the bus are £13 and £18.70 respectively). Others however are priced at or very close to the fare on the bus (Darlington to Richmond Bus for which the add-on Day Return fare is £6.70 whereas the Day Return bought on the bus was £6.50 in May 2012).

    Local bus link offers may be available which may be limited to the services of certain bus or train operators e.g. First Bus & Rail in the Huddersfield or Bristol areas

    Through ticketing is available from National Rail to Manchester Metrolink stations as an add-on to the fare to Manchester Stations. Where the National Rail station is within Greater Manchester, the destination will be a Metrolink zone (these are A-Q excluding I and O; a map of these zones is not publicly available). Where the National Rail station is outside of Greater Manchester, individual Metrolink station names are used. Tickets issued to Manchester CTLZ (for National Rail stations within Greater Manchester; no tickets to Manchester Stations are available) / to Metrolink City (for National Rail stations outside of Greater Manchester; normally this costs £1.40 more than a ticket to Manchester Stations and no Advance tickets are available) are valid for unlimited tram travel on the day of validity within the Manchester Metrolink city zone. Railcard discounts are not available to Metrolink destinations so Railcard holders are advised to consider separate National Rail and Metrolink tickets.
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    7.3 London Underground & DLR

    7.3.1 Cross-London transfer

    Single and return tickets for National Rail journeys that require the customer to travel between two different National Rail stations in London will often include validity on Underground and/or DLR services via any reasonable route to enable customers to make this transfer.

    Subject to the through journey being made, tickets are valid to enter the Underground/DLR system at Aldgate, Amersham, Baker Street, Balham, Bank, Barking, Blackfriars, Blackhorse Road, Brixton, Canada Water, Cannon Street, Charing Cross, Ealing Broadway, Edgware Road, Elephant & Castle, Embankment, Euston, Euston Square, Farringdon, Finsbury Park, Greenwich, Highbury & Islington, Kensington (Olympia), Kentish Town, King's Cross St. Pancras, Lancaster Gate, Lewisham, Limehouse, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Marylebone, Moorgate, Old Street, Paddington, Queen's Park, Richmond, Seven Sisters, Shadwell, Shepherd's Bush, Southwark, Stratford, Stratford International, Tottenham Hale, Tower Hill, Upminster, Vauxhall, Victoria, Walthamstow Central, Waterloo, West Brompton, West Ham, West Hampstead, Whitechapel, Wimbledon, or Woolwich Arsenal. Interchange is also permitted between the two stations in Hammersmith.

    It is permitted to finish your transfer short at any Underground station in zone 1 or at any intermediate Underground/DLR station on a reasonable route. If you choose to do this, no further Underground/DLR travel is permitted with that ticket; you will need to purchase an additional ticket if you wish to continue by Underground/DLR. If you are doing this, it is unlikely your ticket will work in the gates, and will need to be presented to staff to allow you to exit.

    A † (cross) symbol appears at the start of the 'route' on your ticket to indicate that it has been encoded to operate the Underground/DLR ticket gates. Lack of this symbol does not necessarily mean your ticket is not valid for travel on the Underground.

    Minimum connection times apply when crossing London. Online journey planners incorporate these times into any itinerary, however if planning the journey yourself, you may want to consider the minimum times, as shown on the chart below. In many cases, it is possible to complete the transfer in a significantly shorter amount of time than the minimum connection time.

    Chart sourced from National Rail Timetable, available on the Network Rail website.

    7.3.2 Through single/return tickets

    It is possible to buy a through single or return ticket from many National Rail stations to an Underground or DLR station, although it will usually be cheaper to buy a ticket for the National Rail portion of your journey and use Oyster Pay As You Go on the Underground/DLR. Such tickets will need to cover all the zones your journey will travel through on the Underground. For example, if travelling from Northampton to Brent Cross, the ticket will need to be valid in zones 1, 2 and 3 as the journey undertaken by Underground will cover these three zones.

    Tickets will print as a standard single/return, with the destination showing the letter 'U' followed by the zones the ticket is valid in. For example a ticket valid in zones 1-3 will be include U123, and a ticket valid in zones 2-6 will include U2356.

    7.3.3 National Rail tickets valid on Underground/DLR

    National Rail single, return and season tickets also have validity on London Underground or DLR services if listed below. These are known as 'Interavailable routes.' If this applies, tickets are only valid to enter/exit the Underground/DLR system at the station(s) listed. Note that any route restriction still applies, for example a ticket routed 'Not Underground' or 'FCC Only' would not be valid as appropriate.

    National Rail tickets valid between (<>) the following stations also have validity on London Underground/DLR services, as described for each flow below.

    Note that tickets are NOT valid at intermediate stations unless specified otherwise.

    (The list below can be downloaded as a PDF attachment)

    • Amersham <> Harrow-on-the-Hill (and intermediate stations)
      • Valid between Amersham and Harrow-on-the-Hill (and intermediate stations) on LU.
    • Barking <> West Ham
      • Valid between Barking & West Ham on LU.
    • Barking <> London Terminals
      • Valid between Barking Tower Hill on LU (intermediately at West Ham ONLY);
      • Valid between Limehouse & Tower Gateway on DLR.
    • Finsbury Park <> Highbury & Islington
      • Valid between Finsbury Park & Highbury & Islington on LU.
    • Finsbury Park <> Kings Cross
      • Valid between Finsbury Park and King's Cross St. Pancras on LU (intermediately at Highbury & Islington ONLY);
      • Valid between King#s Cross St Pancras and Moorgate on LU (intermediately at Old Street ONLY)
    • Harrow & Wealdstone <> Queen's Park (and intermediate stations)
      • Valid between Harrow & Wealdstone and Queen's Park (and intermediate stations) on LU.
    • Harrow-on-the-Hill <> London Terminals
      • Valid between Harrow-on-the-Hill and Baker Street on LU.
    • Queen's Park <> Zone U1 and beyond
      • Valid between Queen's Park and Zone 1 and beyond on LU.
    • Richmond <> Stratford and intermediately at any North London Line station
      • Valid by any reasonable route combination of LU services.
    • Seven Sisters / Tottenham Hale / Walthamstow Central <> Zone U1 Londn
      • Valid between Seven Sisters / Tottenham Hale / Walthamstow Central and any station in Zones 1 to 3.
    • Stratford London <> London Terminals
      • Valid between Stratford and Liverpool Street on LU.
    • Upminster <> Barking
      • Valid between Upminster and Barking on LU.
    • West Brompton <> Willesden Junction
      • Valid between West Brompton and Willesden Junction (via Paddington) on LU.
    • West Hampstead Thameslink or Kentish Town <> London Thameslink (St. Pancras, Farringdon, City Thameslink, Blackfriars, London Bridge or Elephant & Castle)
      • Valid between West Hampstead / Kentish Town and King's Cross St. Pancras, Farringdon, Blackfriars, London Bridge or Elephant & Castle on LU (but NOT where tickets are routed 'FCC ONLY', 'LDN NOT UND' or 'NOT UNDERGROUND')
    • West Ruislip <> South Ruislip
      • Valid between West Ruislip and South Ruislip on LU.
    7.3.4 Validity to Moorgate and Old Street

    If a National Rail ticket, with a destination/origin of London Terminals is valid into/out of King's Cross, then it is also valid for travel for a direct journey between King's Cross St. Pancras and either Old Street or Moorgate only. Break of journey is not permitted.

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    7.4 Eurostar through ticketing

    7.4.1 Categories of National Rail add-ons to Eurostar tickets and how to purchase them

    There are two categories of these tickets: those to or from London International / Ashford International (Route: Not London CIV) (tickets to and from the latter are only available to or from certain destinations in South-East England) and those to or from London Estar (CIV).
    Tickets to or from London International (CIV) / Ashford International (CIV) can be purchased from any station booking office.

    Tickets to or from London Estar (CIV) are only available from two sales points. They can be bought by telephone from Eurostar Domestic Sales (01233 617913, Railcard discounts available, tickets can be collected from National Rail TVMs or Eurostar ticket collection machines at St. Pancras). Alternatively they can be bought as part of a through ticket purchase between National Rail (British) stations and Continental stations bought from Eurostar UK (www.eurostar.com – only the UK site, no Railcard discounts available, you will need to collect your National Rail tickets from a TVM separately to printing or collecting your Eurostar tickets). They may only be used in conjunction with a Eurostar ticket. Raileasy also sells through tickets between Continental and National Rail stations. Tickets to or from London Estar (CIV) are only available to/from selected National Rail stations.
    Any ticket which includes travel on Eurostar (e.g. DB’s London-Spezial tickets) gives entitlement to all appropriate CIV fares.
    CIV tickets fall into one of three categories: Advance, Euro High Saver (Off-Peak i.e. walk-up ticket with restrictions) or Euro Standard (Anytime i.e. walk-up ticket with no restrictions).

    7.4.2 Prices, restrictions and availability of the two categories

    London International (CIV), London Estar (CIV) and London Terminals fares can differ significantly in terms of price, High Saver restrictions and Advance availability. London Estar (CIV) tickets tend to offer better value for money than London International (CIV) tickets. For example:
    • There are no Advance fares between Bristol Temple Meads and London International (CIV) but there are Advance fares between Bristol Temple Meads and London Estar (CIV) and of course Bristol Temple Meads and London Terminals. However, the price and availability of these Advance fares differs significantly.
    • The fares for York – London International (CIV) and London Estar (CIV) are identical but there is often availability at lower tiers of Advance fares for the London Estar (CIV) tickets which is not available for the London International (CIV) tickets.
    • The Euro High Saver (equivalent of Off-Peak for CIV tickets) Return from Cambridge to London International (CIV) is £30.50 while a Euro Standard Single is £22.00 (no Euro High Saver Single available) and a Euro Standard Return is £44.00. The Euro High Saver Single and Euro Standard Single between Cambridge and London Estar (CIV) are £6.00 and £10.00 respectively.
    Whereas London Estar (CIV) fares are only sold as singles, London International (CIV) fares also include walk-up returns to or from destinations in the south of England. However, London Estar (CIV) walk-up fares are usually still cheaper than London International (CIV) walk-up fares when making a return journey.

    7.4.3 DB through fares

    Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) offers through fares from London to any destination in Germany. These fares are available in both directions and are available in Standard class or First class, including travel on the Eurostar. Prices start at EUR 59.90 / EUR 109.90 for destinations in Western Germany such as Cologne, and start at EUR 69.90 / 189.90 for more easterly destinations such as Nuremberg. However, these Sparpreis fares are only valid on the specific train chosen.

    Flexpreis (walk-up) fares are available, for example between Cologne and London at EUR 255.50 Standard Class and EUR 342.60 First Class.

    The Bahncard (German railcard) offers a discount on these fares.

    Travel will be offered via Brussels, rather than Paris. It is possible to add a stopover on the Deutsche Bahn website of up to 48 hours. Given the extra security checks taking place at Brussels, it is worth ensuring at least 45 minutes are allowed between trains. In the event of delay, tickets are valid on the next available service.

    A typical journey time between London and Cologne is 5h15.
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    7.5 Rail & Sail to Ireland & other British Isles destinations

    Rail & Sail (or SailRail) tickets can be purchased from (almost) any National Rail station to a wide range of locations on the island of Ireland. If your precise desired destination is not available, you should book to the next following station on the same line of route (for example someone wishing to travel to Carrigtwohill would purchase to Midleton). This particularly applies to Dublin suburban stations (for example someone wishing to travel to Sandymount would purchase to Dun Laoghaire).

    Station names for Irish Rail locations are suffixed with CIE and for Northern Ireland Railways are suffixed NI.

    Tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day, but there is a £5/€6 supplement to buy on the day. Online purchase is available through Arriva Trains Wales (and from Irish Ferries from Ireland only), and telephone bookings can be made through Stena Line, Arriva Trains Wales, and possibly other TOCs. Bookings can in theory also be made in person at any staffed station, although finding a clerk who knows how to issue the ticket may prove difficult.

    Almost all origins and destinations should offer routes via Holyhead to Dublin or Dún Laoghaire with a choice of Irish Ferries (Swift or standard) and Stena (fast ferry or standard). Tickets to Belfast NI (M190) will also offer via Cairnryan-Larne, as will tickets from some Scottish locations to some Northern Irish locations. Tickets to Rosslare Harbour will be available with travel from Fishguard to Rosslare on Stena, and as of June 2013 it is also possible to get tickets to other Irish destinations via this route where logical, such as London Terminals to Wexford.

    Ticket types SLA (SailRail Advnce) and SLD (SailRail Stndby) are used, excepting for travel via Cairnryan when the more familiar SDS (Anytime Day Single) and SOR (Anytime Return) are used.

    Tickets originating in the Republic of Ireland can be purchased in person at major Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) stations such as Dublin Connolly, Cork, and Limerick. They are normally issued as handwritten tickets but will still have normal validity on National Rail. They can be purchased to originate at any mainline station. A full list of stations issuing SailRail tickets can be found on the Irish Rail - Sailrail page, although it should be noted that some stations have limited opening hours. They can also be bought over the phone from Iarnród Éireann telesales (1850 366 222 from within ROI or +353 1 8366 222 from outside) or on the Irish Ferries website and will be posted out to any ROI address with no fee.

    A bus service operated by Dublin Bus on behalf of Irish Ferries runs between Dublin Ferryport, Connolly station, Busáras (Dublin's coach station) and Heuston station. Timetable here. Fares are not included in any Rail & Sail ticket, nor are any other Dublin Bus tickets of any type whatsoever accepted. Cash (euro only) is payable to the driver. Fare is €3 one-way (except to/from Heuston where it is €4; half fare for children). Dublin Bus's policy is to accept coins only and not to give change, although anecdotal evidence is that this rule doesn't apply on the ferry bus service.

    SailRail is available to Douglas (Isle of Man) on the Steam Packet service from Liverpool. Tickets can be purchased on a walk-up basis with destination Douglas IOM (H227). More information is available at http://www.steam-packet.com.

    A recent addition is Liverpool to Belfast on Stena Line, and through tickets are available which include train to Birkenhead H Sq and the bus through to Birkenhead port.
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    7.6 Rail & Sail to Continental Europe

    There are two Rail and Sail schemes for travel to/from Continental Europe: the Dutch Flyer (any Greater Anglia station to/from any Dutch station) and through tickets from certain stations in the Network area to Calais. These are issued in accordance with CIV conditions.

    Tickets to Calais - an Anytime Day Return Via: Stena P&O is available from selected stations in the Network area to Calais. This allows one return rail journey to Dover Priory and one return ferry journey from Dover to Calais. The bus journeys between Priory station and the docks in Dover (£2 in October 2011) and between the port and city centre in Calais (2€) are not included in the fare. The cost of the ticket is £36.00 from London Terminals (2012). Many ticket clerks are unlikely to be familiar with this ticket - try larger stations and be aware that South West Trains do not sell this ticket. The ticket should be issued as one coupon and one control ticket for each of the outward and return journeys. It may sometimes be issued without the control tickets which may mean that your tickets have to be photocopied at Calais ferry terminal on the return journey. Railcard discounts are available with this ticket and peak-time Railcard restrictions are not applicable.

    Dutch Flyer - through tickets are available from any station served by Greater Anglia to any Dutch station and vice-versa. These allow a return rail trip with Greater Anglia to/from Harwich International, a return ferry journey between Harwich and Hoek van Holland and onward travel to anywhere in the Netherlands within 24 hours. These tickets are issued as singles and the price varies slightly depending on the season and availability (from £45 to £65 from London). You can book singles tickets to the Netherlands and two singles permitting a return journey to and from the Netherlands at the Dutch Flyer website, London Liverpool Street or by phone (0845 600 72 45 - Greater Anglia; 08445 762 762 - Stena Line; around £4 surcharge). For trips in the other direction you can use the Dutch version of the site- you will need to buy a ticket to Hoek van Holland on the outward leg which will be reimbursed when you get there. For travel on the night boat cabins are compulsory (extra charge), can sell out and cannot be booked on the day whereas for the day boat cabins are optional (half the night boat charge). Please look at Seat 61 for more information on the Dutch Flyer.

    Tickets to/from London International (CIV) and Ashford International (CIV) (for Calais only) are available in combination with these "railandsail" tickets for journeys to/from stations from which these tickets are not available. These tickets can be cheaper than ordinary tickets to/from London Terminals or Ashford International and offer additional protection - see 7.6 below.
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    7.7 CIV

    CIV tickets are add-on tickets to an international journey which are subject to the CIV (Uniform Rules concerning the Contract of International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail / Conditions générales de transport pour le transport international ferroviaire des voyageurs) which offers enhanced conditions of carriage for passengers. This means that passenger may catch the next service in the case of delay when connecting between domestic and international services. The cost of overnight accommodation is also paid for in the case of missing the last train.

    The are available in connection with Eurostar tickets (see 7.3) or Rail & Sail tickets to Continental Europe (see 7.5) or the Republic of Ireland (see 7.4).
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    7.8 Preserved Railways

    A small number of preserved railways offer through ticketing from National Rail stations. This means that you can use one ticket for both rail travel to a preserved railway and also on the preserved railway itself. These normally take the form of a supplement paid ontop of the National Rail fare or in some cases a through fare from a National Rail station to the preserved railway. The availability of railcard, privilege or other discounts vary by railway and are indicated below.

    The following is a list of the railways offering through ticketing:

    Bluebell Railway

    Interchange Station: East Grinstead (ticket includes bus link to Kingscote station on the Bluebell railway)
    Journey Options: Unlimited travel
    Discounts: Standard child discount on through fares.

    Bodmin & Wenford Railway

    Interchange Station: Bodmin Parkway
    Journey Options: One return trip
    Discounts: Normal Adult Railcard discounts apply. Child Railcard discounts apply only to National Rail. No Discount for Privilege Travel or InterRail.

    Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

    Interchange Station: Duffield
    Journey Options: Either a single or return journey
    Discounts: None available

    Isle of Wight Steam Railway

    Interchange Station: Smallbrook Junction (Open only on days when both Island Line and Steam Railway are in operation)
    Journey Options: Travel to IOW via Portsmouth/Ryde by Wightlink or from IOW stations. Unlimited travel on the Island Line and Steam Railway
    Discounts: Standard Child discount on through fares. Railcard discounts unavailable. Privilege and InterRail discounts are available.

    Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

    Interchange station: Keighley
    Journey Options: Unlimited day's travel on K&WVR
    Discounts: Railcard discounts available for Senior, 16-25, Disabled, Family & Friends, Dales Railcards. No Privilege discount.

    North Yorkshire Moors Railway

    Interchange Station: Grosmont
    Journey Options: A single or return journey along length of NYMR. Break of journey permitted
    Discounts: No railcard discount except for Esk Valley Residents Railcard. Normal discounts apply for Privilege holders.

    Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

    Interchange Station: Ravenglass
    Journey Options: Unlimited days travel on R&ER
    Discounts: All national railcards
    Note: Add-on only avalible with Anytime Day or Off Peak Day Returns

    Severn Valley Railway

    Interchange station: Kidderminster
    Journey Options: One return journey
    Discounts: Apply for holders of 16-25, Senior, Disabled and Family & Friends Railcards on the National Rail portion of the journey only. Privilege discounts available at SVR only.

    South Devon Railway

    Interchange station: Totnes
    Journey Options: Either a single or return journey
    Discounts: None available

    Spa Valley Railway

    Interchange station: Eridge
    Journey Options: One return journey to/from Groombridge, High Rocks or Tunbridge Wells West.
    Discounts: Child discount, Railcard discounts on journey to Edridge.
    Note: Only available on weekends and public holidays between March and October.
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    7.9 Other Tourist Attractions

    Travelling by rail opens up a wide array of special offers that passengers can take advantage of to gain discounted access to a number of tourist attractions. These can range from 2-for-1 offers, discounted admission to the attraction or a combined rail and admission ticket. Rules regarding railcard or child discounts vary from attraction to attraction but in general railcard discounts only apply to the rail portion of a ticket.

    There are far to many special offers for tourist attractions to list all of them here and a list of all avalible special offers can be found here (*This isn't a very good list as it not only includes the tourist attractions but everything from railcards to club55 to rovers/rangers so can anyone suggest something better?*). However, provided below for illustrative purposes are details on some of the more popular offers:

    2FOR1 entry offers – London & South East attractions

    These are vouchers which can be acquired at ATOC's Days Out website . They provide 2-for-1 entry at a wide range of tourist attractions when the voucher is combined with a rail ticket for travel to London or the attraction destination. Whilst the majority are located in and around London there are also offers available for attractions throughout the country. A full list of all the attractions participating in this offer can be found here.

    Horse Racing - Bus links

    Some horse races offer bus links which rail passengers can purchase tickets for at the same time as their rail ticket. These can take the form of a separate ticket (for example at York and Doncaster) which is issued separately from the rail tickets purchased for the rail portion of the journey. Alternatively they can be an add-on which is added to the cost of the rail ticket (for example at Cheltenham). Additional race courses not cited here offer similar schemes.


    Passengers with a rail ticket to Salisbury can purchase, from a ticket office, a reduced price admission ticket for Stonehenge which includes a two hour guided tour as well as admission to the site. These take the form of a separate ticket from the rail ticket.

    York Dungeon

    Passengers with a rail ticket to York can purchase, from a ticket office, a reduced price admission ticket to York Dungeon which is valid for one entry up to a month from the date of issue. A similar scheme exists for the Edinburgh Dungeon.

    The above list represents a fraction of the available offers and is intended merely to give a flavour of what is available. For details of other offers please see this website.

    Information on offers correct as of 16/09/2012.
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    7.10 Inclusive Tour packages (including Superbreak)

    There are eight Companies licensed to sell Inclusive Tour Tickets as part of a holiday/leisure package charging one package price for the trip, inclusive of accommodation and rail travel. They are:

    • Superbreak
    • Holiday Extras
    • Great Rail Journeys
    • SAGA
    • European Study Tours
    • UL Connection (School Travel Group)
    • Railtravel
    • Capital Breaks
    In some cases the Terms of the rail journey may not always be clear, and may vary depending on the tour Company who sold the ticket, and the TOC who operate the trains. Some may be restricted to trains operated by a particular TOC.


    The most common of these is Superbreak. More details will appear here shortly, in the mean time see the Superbreak Tickets thread.
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    7.11 Tickets that look like integrated fares but aren't

    There are some tickets with a routeing that suggests they are integrated fares, but in fact they only allow travel by rail.

    Examples include Route: Humberlink Not Bus and Route: Tilbury & Gravesend both allow travel to/from the stations that connect with the bus and ferry, respectively but the fare does not include the cost of the bus or ferry, which would need to be paid for separately.
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