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    18 Dec 2009
    If you've received advice from us, or if you'd just like to make a contribution to the costs of running the forum, it would be great if you could follow the information below.

    Some tickets and offers are only available via the Train Operating Company's own website, see our Special Offers Discussion thread for details and book these tickets that way (we don't want anyone missing the best deal!).

    As I am sure a rapidly increasing number of members know, Trainsplit.com can be used to help you find split-ticket savings for your railway journeys in Great Britain. Plus it can also be used to purchase straightforward non-split tickets.

    Now we know many of you will have your own preferred booking sites, however bookings made through our link below will help support the forums operating costs, including events such as our popular Fares Workshops. It's the same Trainsplit.com interface as usual, just look for the RailUK Forums logo in the top left to check that the link has tracked correctly.

    RailUK's Trainsplit.com
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