Railway bookshops in the North of England

Discussion in 'Memorabilia, Media & Publications' started by Mcr Warrior, 13 Jun 2018.

  1. Mcr Warrior

    Mcr Warrior Member

    8 Jan 2009
    Any suggestions please? Location: North of England, preferably within two hours travel from Greater Manchester. Could include bookshop(s) on a heritage rail line.
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  3. shredder1

    shredder1 Established Member

    23 Nov 2016
    North Manchester
    Worth Valley Ingrow west museum shop, East Lancs standard
    4 coach are good secondhand ones
  4. peri

    peri Member

    23 Dec 2016
    Matlock station has one, Bill Hudson Transport books.
    I seem to remember various old railway magazines at ten for a pound as well.
  5. gazthomas

    gazthomas Established Member

    5 Jun 2011
    St. Albans
    It's a shame the Ian Allan bookshop at Manchester Piccadilly closed a while back, though there shop in Birmingham while not in the north west of England is within the two hours travel limit

  6. Bevan Price

    Bevan Price Established Member

    22 Apr 2010
    For a good selection of new railway books - sadly not many. On heritage lines, stations at Bridgnorth, Embsay & Haworth sell a range of new books, plus , I think, some secondhand.

    Branches of Waterstones often have a few railway books, but mostly of the "coffee table" type rather than then a full range for enthusiasts.

    Secondhand - even many formerly good seconhand bookshops have been decimated by competition from charity shops. Cannot remember the street name, but a shop about 5 minutes walk from Souyhport station usually has a wide range of secondhand railway books (upstairs). (Turn left outside main station entrance, go to end of street; cross road; turn left then turn right.)

    Likewise, a shop a few minutes walk from Carnforth station often has a good seconhand selection. Some of the bigger model railway shows also attract booksellers. Apart from that, your best bet is probably the internet.
  7. John Webb

    John Webb Established Member

    5 Jun 2010
    St Albans
    There is Nick Tozer at Paddock, Huddersfield, open Tues-Thurs. Also internet - see www.railwaybook.com. (No personal knowledge, I have to say). Several others advertise in "The Railway Magazine" and other journals, mostly for internet sales.
  8. Mcr Warrior

    Mcr Warrior Member

    8 Jan 2009
    :D Thanks all for the suggestions/recommendations so far. Have previously been to and bought items at the Carnforth bookshop although some of the secondhand items available there were a bit tired. Have also been to some of the station shops on the East Lancs and Worth Valley heritage lines (although as regards the latter I've not yet been to the museum at Ingrow West so that's definitely one for a future afternoon out). As it happens, I was at the Bill Hudson shop at Matlock Station this Tuesday and bought a couple of items there. Will be travelling through Birmingham next week so will call in at the Ian Allan shop near New Street station on the way home. (Yes, big shame that the Ian Allan shop in Manchester is now shut), Will add visits to Southport and Huddersfield (as suggested by Bevan Price and John Webb) for sometime in the future.

    Any others?
  9. swanhill41

    swanhill41 Member

    8 Nov 2016
    The rail bookshop situation in the North West England is to put it politely a bit sparse.
    The Carnforth bookshop I agree about their stock,even those for internet...In short not worth a trip.
    I presume you are talking of secondhand,so here are few to try,with comments.
    KWVR...Haworth has a large range of new rail books,inc Lightmoor etc..Also some new overstocks reduced prices and some S/H....Ingrow is a rail magazine back issue heaven,if you are into them...But prices are not job lot pricing...Certainly good for rail modeller and the rail socities mags....Book side is all S/H and varies between the £! section ,think of Mr Adley to a large selection of rail books,quality and prices vary...Not the cheapest.
    Embsay till about 5/6 years ago had a rail bookshop open throughout year,but finally packed in due economic reasons...Still stocks new rail books,but on a more limited scale also has a s/h section as well.
    Nick Tozer,see his website as his opening hours are bit quirky.
    Best Rail b/shop in Manchester area moved about 4 years ago...That was Martin Bott at Horwich,he moved 300 miles to Felixstowe!!...If you are down that way,would recommend a visit.
    My knowledge is otherwise limited,as most heritage rail lines seem to avoid this area of income generation.

    Two well outside area ,I will recomend and thats the Nene Valley railway at Wansford,the TPO coach,a great place to rummage and The Emporium at Loughborough on Great Central...They get bequests of 3.0k books!

    Most other lines I know of ,the Wensleydale @Leyburn and Leeming Bar,Eden Valley Railway at Appleby have very limited stock so as to make a visit near useless

    The mention of Charity shops,I find amusing..Very few get rail books given to them and frankly when they have them pricing is all over the place...The only one that markets rail books,in shop and on line is Oxfam ,and god they can be grossly overpriced.!

    East Lancs try the Standard tank bookshop...Since fella left last Dec,the 2 ladies have been like a breath of fresh air and when I last visited,stock had been culled where there had been 10 of same title ,now there was 2...Mags were also set up to sell,not stock.

    Finally as a part time bookseller,is the attitude its a railway book,it will sell whatever....Condition is paramount to me,and also,oh its another pre 2000 IA or something similar

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