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Railway Ferries in Denmark 15 years ago (video links)

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1 Jun 2012
The 1. of june it was 15 years ago the bridge over Storebaelt in little Denmark opened. A 17 km bridge/tunnel (link to google maps) that changed the trafic in many ways for Skandinavia.

Today German electric trains drive directly thorough Denmark tovards Sweden with cargo using a type BR 185 all the way.

Before that there were 3 passengerferries and one for cargo (Asa Thor).

Here i have postet 3 videoclips of how things were in 1997. And yes it was SLOW. The trip took one hour with the boat (today it takes 10 minutes). So please be patient - the clips are long....

Ferry Kronprins Frederik arrives in Nyborg
View from the drivers cab driving onboard
Trains drives onboard in Korsor

There is nothing left anymore. The 3 passengerferries are still in operation somewhere else, but Asa Thor died on a beach in India.
I hope you enjoy these railway videos.

See more on www.traintubes.com

F Nielsen
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13 May 2008
the buffer at the end of the onboard siding, with the autocoupler (and a myriad of other fittings folded out of the way)- that seems an awesomely simple idea for helping secure the train!
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