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7 Aug 2005
Following the success of some new Forum Moderator roles that were introduced early last year, the Forum Staff are seeking interest in people to apply for the position of Moderator in our 'Railway Jobs & Careers' forum.

This area was first created in November 2008 as a Subforum and as its popularity has rapidly grown, it subsequently became a Forum in its own right on the homepage a short while later. It now exists as one of the most popular Forums on the site, with many members joining specifically to contribute to this area. Because of this, the Forum Staff team want to make sure that members are left with a good impression and the top quality advice they need, hopefully helping others secure their dream job in the railway industry and possibly even remain on the Forum as a regular contributor across the board. This section is not just for those applying for roles however; many threads involve answering questions raised by existing employees or it has simply been an opportunity for those to ask what life is like at other locations on the railway.

Given the growth in this Forum as well as the different interests of our existing staff team, we haven't always been able to keep up to date in moderating this forum as much as we would like. We are therefore seeking an existing member to take up a support role in the Railway Jobs & Careers Forum. Longstanding members may recall that we did have a Jobs & Careers Assistant role in this section back in 2016 however this role was wound down following a change in personal circumstances of those holding the posts and a lack of suitable alternative applicants.

The selected candidate will ideally have, or be able to, attend forum meets and/or meetings on an infrequent basis, as well as be able to communicate with other staff by instant messenger. There are no prerequisites such as present or past employment status and you do not have to currently work within the industry to apply, all we are looking for is someone who regularly browses or contributes to this section.

If you are interested, please start a Conversation with Mojo and Mag_seven by Sunday 31st January 2021 by 20.00 with details of your current job and also a short section about why you are interested in the position and how often you read/contribute to threads in this section.
Not open for further replies.