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RailwayScene no.38 up for sale!

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11 Jun 2005
Hi all,

I have a video some may be interesting in having, its RailwayScene video no.38 and does indeed have some various classic traction!
Filmed in July-August 1993, this does bring back the great days with Steam and Diesel. Features are:

-Welsh steam Steam reaches Pembroke Dock and Fishguard Harbour form Carmarthen and the wales mainline, see 80079 backed by 44767 on the slippy rails, enough for some wheelslip!

-Black 5 on the GCR Black 5 45231 took a visit at Loughborough to the Great Central Railway for filming scenes, seen on video puuling and shunting freight sets

-Met Steam Metropolitan Steam specials on the mainline with L90 and L99 and an Ivatt 46441 visits the met

-Foxfield Freight a photographers special with freight with double heading up the 1 in 19 incline!!

-SVR scenes and fly shunting on the Severn Valley at Bewdley

-Torbay Diesels Diesels on the Paignton - Kinsgwear line with Bones, 50s and the best D9016, Which departed one station like a steam engine, loads on white smoke and with twin engines!

-Featured Cab Ride Highlights of the Railscene cab ride, Glasgow Queen Street - Perth on board 158701 on the highlands, with semaphores!

And many more on this vid to enjoy too! including the last Waterloo 47s, 20s to Skegness, Tynsley DMUs and 304s to Redditch, Turbos on the Cotswold line, even the first arrival of the Eurostar with 73s and the experimental Channel class 33

If anyone would like to buy it im selling at a prive of £6 (bought for £15) anyone who wants this at a great price (or wants to haggle it!) please post below, if there are more than one interests, names will be picked out of a hat.
This video is in excellent condition, there is a fuzzy line near te top at start, does not affect viewing and not long after dissapears anyway.

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