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Rare photo opportunity at Calais 8th and 15th April

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Peter Mugridge

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8 Apr 2010
Rare photo opportunity coming up - Sleeper ( well, couchette anyway! ) at Calais Ville; it's a pilgrimage charter to Lourdes:

Departs Calais Ville this Sunday 8th April at 21.00; stock will no doubt be in an hour or two earlier when there is still plenty of daylight.

Arrives back at Calais Ville next Sunday 15th April at 07.30.

Sorry, no idea what the traction will be, but given the propensity for such charters to produce interesting traction, I thought the "heads up" might be of use to those amongst you who do Continental photography... :)

( If anyone wants the Lourdes timings for it as well... 09.50 arrival on Monday 9th April and 18.15 departure on Saturday 14th April. )
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Update: Apparently booked for Sybic haulage! 26044 allocated...
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