Refund when XC train cancelled


15 Mar 2010
Today I had a journey wholly booked on the XC website from Gloucester to Liverpool changing at Birmingham New Street with Advance split tickets.
Train/ Ticket 1 Depart Gloucester 07.44 Arrive New St 08.45
Train/Ticket 2 Depart New St 09.04 Arrive Lime St 10.44
Unfortunately the 07.44 was cancelled with no reason given ( & so to was 08.45 ) and I decided to abort the journey by train & drive instead as I needed to be in Liverpool no later than 11am. ( I actually got there by 10.30am)
Is XC obliged to refund the cost of the whole journey because the first train to Birmingingham was cancelled ?
Also how do I claim for a refund ?The XC website only appears to offer a facility for delay repay. It states that for a cancelled train & a refund the same method/portal must be used as was used to purchase the tickets. In this case it was the XC website but it doesn't say how to do this ! Do I send them an email or a letter or a phone call?
Or do they hope that because it seems so difficult you simply give up?
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23 Dec 2008
Simple answer is "YES" XC are responsible for the whole journey.
Use the delay repay form and send in a copy of your tickets.
After advice for a similar issue I had with XC from forum members I did the above above without any problem, did have to wait about 4 weeks mind.


Established Member
3 Mar 2014
The delay repay form should not be used. You didn't travel so rather you are seeking a refund. You are entitled to a fee free refund as you didn't travel due to your train being cancelled.

Have you collected the tickets or are they still awaiting collection? If so you may be able to get this done over the phone straight away if you call XC Web support/telesales.

If you have the tickets already then you will need to return these for a refund to XC. Either way, you need to contact them and be very clear about the fact you were making a through journey.