Refurbished Singapore Metro Train

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22 Dec 2005
Our old 18 years old Class 151 trains from Kawasaki, Tokyo has gone for refurbished at our own depot. Currently 64 such trains has been refurbished and yesterday trial run was made and it was quite a sucess. Reported from CNA (Channel News Asia), Singapore very own media.

CNA said:
MRT commuters can look forward to more comfort and a smoother ride.

64 first-generation SMRT trains will be fully upgraded by 2008.

The launch of the first MRT train was a railway to heaven for those sick of long and tiring bus journeys.

Throw in a $142 million face-lift makeover and take a fast trip towards current-day locomotion.

And this is how a first-generation train looks like now.

It has slip-resistant flooring, wider seats for the horizontally-challenged, live flow fans to improve air circulation and more grab bars and handles.

That's not all.

There's good news for the physically challenged as well.

There are designated spots for the wheelchair-bound.

Judy Wee, Handicaps Welfare Association's vice-president, said: "At least now, we don't have to block every other person's way. We have a designated spot. In fact, we have two designated spots in this cabin."

For the hearing impaired, indicator lights will help prevent them from getting hit by closing doors.

And, if an upgraded train breaks down, it will be much faster to restart than before, says SMRT. - CNA
Here is the link to the report:

P.S There is a video in it, when you clicked on it, the video will start. The first train that comes out will be the unrefurb ones later part of the video you will see the interior of the refurb ones. Exterior resembeles the Class 751B trains.
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