Regional Rail Express - 39: Zagreb City Special (50 p.)

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19 Mar 2007
Vienna, Austria

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Regional Rail Express... Tramway - 38 (50 p.)

October 1 2003

We return to Zagreb, on my first visit after the war. Back then I was using an Olympus C3000Z digicam.
16 TMK 2100 units had been produced by Končar 1994 - 2002.

September 24 2003

TMK 200 had first been introduced in Belgrade, 1974 also in Zagreb:

TMK 100 are two-axled streetcars, built 1951-1965 by Đuro Đaković:

We took a Tatra T4 to the main station in the morning of October 1 2003.

This local train to Sunja composed of Baat two-axled cars already was shown in report part 24.

As well as 7021-008/009, operating on the line to Varaždin.

Our IC 158 "Croatia" to Vienna only consisted of two cars - note the missing roof.

July 26 2015

EuroNight 414 Beograd - Zürich departing past the botanical garden.

An Optima Express towards Turkey in the rainy morning of July 30 2015.

B 414 leaving one hour delayed after the usual thunderstorm showers on July 12 2007.

Bright colors afterwards.

B 396 from Ploče via Bosnia arriving at 8:08 p.m. in the classic ŽFBH/ŽRS/HŽ-mix.

The same mix switched on June 27 2008 as overnight train B 399 to Sarajevo.

Once more 1141-003 (ex-JŽ 441-015, SGP #65202 / built in 1967) hauling livery-matched cars on July 14 2007.

B 410 "Olympus" Thessaloniki - Ljubljana including through sleeper car from Sofia departing on July 30 2006 hours late.

B 415 Schwarzach-St. Veit - Belgrade arriving punctually.

Classic front parts on August 7 2012.

And on July 7 2009.

Modern morning on August 14 2018.

Combined newly built local public transport in front of the bus depot on August 22 2016.

A tram terminal south of Save River hardly ever seen by tourists.

Blue meeting.

Walking up the hill to Dolac market in the upper old town on August 23 2016.

Sunset hour in the lower town on August 13 2018.

On the way to the station on August 14 2018.

Park impression from August 23 2016.

Blue hour on August 14 2018.

August 13 2018.

On the way to Split on July 26 2015.

Arrived by "Jadran" from Split on August 21 2009.

Busy eastern end of the station during the morning rush-hour.

Back from Split on July 19 2012.

B 700 to Rijeka and IC 212 "Mimara" to Frankfurt waiting for departure.

EC 158 "Croatia" to Vienna switched to the same track next.

My first encounter with prototype 6112-101 for suburban traffic.

A rare double-headed passenger train on August 12 2010.

Railroad meeting streetcar on Savska Cesta, July 14 2007.

My last sighting of a TMK 100 in regular service on July 30 2006 meeting its replacement - this picture was only possible for a short period of time.

Next time we will continue with "Zagreb" - the express train, not the city.
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