Regional Rail Express - 40: (Po)Drav(k)a/Zagreb IV (50 p.)

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19 Mar 2007
Vienna, Austria

To the previous part of the series:
Regional Rail Express - 39: Zagreb City Special (50 p.)

We follow the route of IC 284/285 "Zagreb" Vienna - Wiener Neustadt - Sopron - Szombathely - Nagykanizsa - Koprivnica - Zagreb again including a few detours, previous part:
Regional Rail Express - 7: Zagreb III (50 p.)

This time we are starting at the southern end Zagreb where we had arrived on a beach trip to the Adriatic by IC 285 on August 14 2009.

The only time along this stretch of line, I waited for the train on March 31 2010. IC 201 "Kvarner" Zagreb - Budapest as first part combined with IC 284 "Zagreb" Zagreb - Vienna Meidling in mixed spring weather at Gradec.

April 20 2011

I took B 204 "Maestral" from Budapest to Zagreb on the Easter tour 2011, back then via Koprivnica. We crossed UB 971 Zagreb - Koprivnica and overtook a freight train at Vrbovec in the evening.

Into the sunset along the double-track mainline from Dugo Selo.

April 23 2011

After a tour towards Zadar, I took a class 7121 DMU as UB 985 (nowadays 987) from Zagreb via Bjelovar, arriving after midnight at Virovitica on the "Podravska magistrala" Varaždin - Koprivnica - Osijek - Dalj.
2044-022 appeared with freight 61417 Koprivnica - Osijek at 1:36 a.m.

Monument next to the station.

The local party crowd awaited "overnight" train UB 980 Osijek - Koprivnica - Zagreb (nowadays - Varaždin) at 1:47 a.m. There is no connection into the other direction over night. 2044-014 (ex JŽ 645-024, Đuro Đaković #1148 / built in 1982) can be found several times in this report.

The car behind the 2044 was locked. Direction was changed at Koprivnica and an electric engine took over. However, the GM remained at the rear of the train. I got off at Križevci, the GM plus car also were uncoupled... and formed Pu 2351 Križevci - Koprivnica on the completely electrified line.

Back at Koprivnica after 5 o'clock.

2044-003 hauling Pu 6800 Virovitica - Varaždin joined the GM-party. Welcome to Koprivnica!

Pu 6801 Varaždin - Kloštar had arrived to the right.

Pu 6801 took me to Virje - 12 miles southeast of Koprivnica - where I captured returning Pu 6802 Kloštar - Koprivnica after sunrise.

IC 580 "Podravka" Osijek - Koprivnica - Zagreb accelerating out of the curve behind Virje.

B 783 Zagreb - Osijek at the south-eastern distant semaphore signal of Virje.

Pu 6803 Koprivnica - Kloštar.

Videos from that morning:

June 19 2009

I took UB 988 Strizivojna–Vrpolje - Osijek on the "Slo(a)ve(o)nian Španka"-tour. We met Pu 6403 Osijek - Slavonski Šamac (border to Bosnia) at Ðakovo.

The edged fronts of "Macosa" 7121-100 class DMUs renewed in 1997 dominate at Osijek.
The pedestrian bridge looks like an alien sci-fi object in these surroundings.

2044-011 arrived with B 783 from Zagreb.

Some freight traffic.

2044-014 hauled B 702, at 300 miles and 8:30 h to Rijeka the longest inner-Croatian express connection. All switches were set manually.

The historic capital of Slavonia features two meter gauge streetcar lines:

I was lucky to catch this maintenance train with Tatra T3YU - although: snowplow in June heat?

Suddenly, the station was populated by green 2062s! 2062-024 dieseled away hauling just one very crowded MÁV car as IC 258 "Drava" Sarajevo - Budapest towards Hungary.

I waited for IC 259 into the opposite direction at Ðakovo, this time a HŽ/ŽRS consist.

Videos from this day:

Another curious train: one-ŽRS-car B 450 Belgrade - Banja Luka at Strizivojna–Vrpolje.

July 30 2006

You also could get directly from Bosnia to Osijek in 2006 with B 258 Sarajevo - Budapest:

2044-028 had taken over our train at the border. It was busy even at 4:26 a.m.

Something approaching through the dark of the night...

... what else?

A magnificently simple city station.

To the left a tilting DMU as IC 550 Osijek - Strizivojna Vrpolje - Zagreb via the mainline in 3 1/2 hours, to the right IC 580 "Podravka" Osijek - Koprivnica - Zagreb via "Podravska magistrala" in 4 hours.

We slept on board of IC 580 going home via Zagreb, only at Koprivnica I took a picture.

April 23 2011

What else to do at Koprivnica: perhaps a shopping tour by tractor?

Parking forbidden.

April 24 2008

I spent the evening near Koprivnica. First, original GM 2043-005 came past with a freight from Varaždin.

IC 590 Zagreb - Čakovec.

April 20 2011

Electric arrival to Koprivnica.

April 24 2008

Freight from Hungary departing.

IC 581 "Podravka" Zagreb - Osijek featured a dining car at this time.

B 782 Osijek - Zagreb came by punctually at 7:25 p.m.

I waited for EuroNight "Venezia" about to take me to a Koper-tour with Miško next morning. A useful connection which we will hear more about soon.

B 205 "Maestral" was my ride home on April 23 2011, joined with B 703 Rijeka - Osijek.

Impressions of Hungarian border station Gyékényes on June 17 2009.

Changing engines and direction on April 20 2011.

We will close the remaining "Zagreb" gap in Hungary next time. :)
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