Regional Rail Express - 41: Zagreb V (50 p.)


19 Mar 2007
Vienna, Austria

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The video for this part:

April 23 2011

We have arrived at Nagykanizsa junction by "Maestral" (to the left), the connecting train to Szombathely to the right.

July 23 2006

An MDmot had pushed us from Szombathely to Nagykanizsa on the first day of the 2006 summer trip.

Parade of classic MÁV engines.

M62 321 just had received a new Caterpillar prime mover.

We planned to take G 204 "Maestral" to Varaždin (for further pics see report part 21), so there remained plenty of time to explore the city with typical Hungarian Ikarus buses:

MÁV 424-309 as monument outside the station, it has been repainted since.

MDmot 3015 departed at 3 p.m. returning to Szombathely (in German):

M62 311 hauled the Sunday-only semi-fast 19201 towards Szombathely 45 minutes later.

Freight arriving from the north.

IC 982 "Corvinus" Pécs - Vienna - the predecessor of "Zagreb" - did not change engines for the 20 minutes ride under overhead wires from Gyékényes.

Taking good care of your M41.

July 8 2007

More cleaning on our summer tour 2007.

Busy as always: Lake Balaton southern shore line.

G 205 "Maestral" arriving punctually at 10:44 a.m. from Zagreb past cars recently purchased second-hand from Germany.

Switcher M43 1029 built in Romania.

I continued immediately from Nagykanizsa to Szombathely on April 23 2011. Mirrored train crossing at Búcsúszentlászló.

MDmot met Bzmot into the opposite direction, same place on 23. 7. 2006.

G 285 "Zagreb" took me towards Split entering Szombathely on August 7 2012. Found on the toilet walls: "More carrots, less churches!!".

IC 285 changing engines from GySEV V43 to MÁV M41 at Szombathely on August 14 2009.

July 17 2007

After the summer trip 2007, I decided to take another short tour through Slovenia as the diesel line via Ptuj was just being renewed and eventually electrified. IC 981 "Corvinus" Vienna - Pécs changing locos.

Semi-fast train 8904 Szombathely - Pécs rushed past Gyöngyöshermán on April 11 2015. Nowadays, a new platform has been erected on the other side of the grade crossing and the line electrified.

You could still catch a Ludmilla-hauled train on June 24 2015, riding 8902 Sopron - Pécs. GySEV had taken over the Szombathely - Zalaszentiván section in 2011.

I got off at Vasvár. Some lazy photographer has left his video tripod in view... ;)

Semi-fast 8907 took me back to Szombathely.

Meeting at Zalaszentiván on the way to the Bosnian steam tour, March 31 2010.

July 17 2007

IC 981 "Corvinus" departing from Zalaszentiván junction.

Dense M62 freight traffic in the morning.

G 959 Boba - Zalaegerszeg with through cars from Budapest.

"Jadran" Split - Prague (more pictures in report part 25) followed ten minutes later.

The punctuality of "Jadran" offered time to change to the other station side for more freight trains and locals on the line to Ukk.

Renewed M62 313 vs. original Pielstick prime mover M41 2105.

The fourth M62 freight within 1 1/2 hours.

Bzmot 294 returned as local Ukk - Zalaegerszeg.

Parallel departures towards Zalaegerszeg left and Szombathely right.

The "Zagreb"-gap has been closed - but wait a second, something else is passing by here as well! :0)