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Reservations when using a ranger ticket

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5 Sep 2011
Hi all,
So after finally managing to purchase tickets to Preston for Friday 21st May (which is on another thread) I discovered that even though I had purchased a flexible ticket I was unable to select the 11:10 London Euston to Preston service when purchasing the tickets as it wasn't available - although the off-peak return ticket I have would be valid on it. From what I can gather it seems that the train seems to have compulsory reservations and that it must therefore be full.

Wasn't too much of a problem as I got a reservation on the 1020 and am now going the slightly more scenic route via Manchester Piccadilly instead.

My concern is that on the Saturday 22nd I intend on buying a North West Round Robin ticket to take a trip on the Settle and Carlisle line (and hopefully get to see the steam pulled railtour that is operating as well on the Saturday) and as such would be travelling further north on the West coast mainline.

As it was impossible to get tickets for the direct train from London to Preston without a reservation I wondered can a reservation be made with a ranger/rover ticket on whichever service I need to get up to Carlisle? Or am I going to have to take a chance on being able to board on the Saturday

Thanks in advance
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19 Feb 2016
Firstly, you'll have no issues boarding an Avanti service at Preston without a reservation. Any ticket office will (well, should) be able to give you a reservation (if there's any available, of course) if you wished. Their trains are in the system as 'reservations compulsory' but they aren't being militant about it like LNER.
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