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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ComUtoR, 23 May 2019.

  1. ComUtoR

    ComUtoR Established Member

    13 Dec 2013
    I love to eat out and I'm generally quite open to try somewhere new. I've got a couple of kiddywinkles and family friendly is certainly my preference.

    Wagamama's -
    My Sister is a Vegan and I went there on the back of a recommendation from a Vegan website. Never really fancied them but I kinda like them at the moment.

    Food Type - Noodles/Rice/Ramen
    Price - ££ a little extra but reasonable
    Family friendly - Yes
    Casual dining - Yes

    Dishoom -
    I went to the Covent Garden site after a show. It's always very busy of an evening but well worth the wait. Great service, good atmosphere and good quality food.

    Food Type - Modern Indian/fusion
    Price - £££ not too bad but dependent on what you want and how much of it.
    Family Friendly - More of an 'out with your mates' kinda evening
    Casual dining - Yes

    Have you got a favourite chain or have a hidden gem ? Are you a fine diner or an all you can eat junkie ?
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  3. Iskra

    Iskra Established Member

    11 Jun 2014
    Chapeltown, Sheffield
    My two favourite restaurants at the moment these are both mini-chains:

    San Carlo’s: it’s a high end authentic Italian, with a vast menu all freshly prepared and of good quality. It’s a very trendy place to be at the moment. My favourite part is, although it is high end, it still caters for those on a budget very well too. Yes, if you want to eat lobster and have a bottle of wine that costs four figures you can do that, but equally pizzas and pastas are on the menu at the same price you would find in any other Italian and they are a lot better. Booking is essential. I’ve been to their branches in Leeds and Manchester, both experiences were superb.

    Akbar’s. This licensed Indian restaurant has branches throughout the North and it’s quite simply the best curry I’ve ever tasted. I’ve been going for 2 decades now and the food is always of good quality and I’ve visited quite a few of their branches. The only thing I would say is that at peak times the service can be a little too brisk, but that is not abnormal when it comes to restaurants.
  4. ATW Alex 101

    ATW Alex 101 Established Member

    28 Dec 2010
    Ellesmere port
    In terms of chains in the UK:

    Can't go much wrong with a Nandos!
    Do enjoy a Yo! Sushi!. (Though only when works expenses are covering it :lol: )
    Wagamama is not bad. Do remember to get the free green tea when you go!

    I can demolish an all you can eat, though I tend to avoid those 'World' buffets that just do everything. I know these AYCE's have their tricks, but those world buffets tend to use the nastiest cuts of meat with tons of cornstarch, MSG and other crap to bulk the food out. And if you observe the food, its all just meat with a variant of flavoring. The rest is just variants of carbs; rice, noddles, chips etc. Basically stuff that will fill you up after a plate and a half. The way it is placed in the heating units as well will play a major part in how they can maximize their profits.

    There are a fair few chains which I now avoid too, however.

    Hungry Horse - Only food that has to be heated, I swear the only ever thing they cook is the chips. I know all restaurants do this, but at least some taste decent.
    Harvester - As above. Last time I went, they included some mad 'smokey ketchup' in virtually all their gravy's and garnishes. Being someone who cannot eat ketchup, this limited my choice. When I ordered my mixed-grill, it came out on a banana leaf. That in itself wasnt bad, but what was sitting on my plate next to the meat was bad. A grilled bloody watermelon. What. The. Hell.
    Brewers Fayre - I went to college with a lad who worked as a chef there. Just him alone, before he even got to his stories about what goes on was enough to put me off from ever eating there again.
    Burger King - Trying to look after my credit score.

    Outside of the UK, namely in The Philippines:

    Mang Inasal - The Godliest version of Nandos at a fraction of the price.
    Baliwag - Deep-fried/Grilled/Spit roasted meats. My arteries are aching just thinking about it.
    Jollibee - Heaven on earth.
  5. Busaholic

    Busaholic Established Member

    7 Jun 2014
    In the 1990s, desperate to find somewhere to eat in the Dulwich area on a Saturday night, we reluctantly went into a Bella Pasta restaurant, this being the chain later renamed as Bella Italia. We were slightly reassured by the menu saying that everything was freshly prepared and cooked. When our food eventually arrived after an hour's wait, my lasagne was blackened on the top and completely frozen underneath, and my companions fared no better. Our meal out turned into a fish and chips takeaway from Herne Hill. Needless to say, wild horses wouldn't drag me into a Bella Italia.
  6. LUYMun

    LUYMun Member

    15 Jul 2018
    Here's one of a few of my visited restraints after going to model railway exhibitions:

    Five Guys, Guildford
    This growing burger chain has certainly won me due to its heavenly fries (chips), which, unlike other chains, are cooked in peanut oil, and they always give you a bit extra once the cup's full! Five Guys also offers you free peanuts when you're waiting, and an unlimited-refill machine (I recommend to bring your own cup rather than pay £3 for a cup ;)).
    But the main attraction: the burgers. They are a godsend, even better when you don't pay a penny for your customisable extra toppings. They're wrapped in aluminium foil and that keeps them nice and warm! However, the prices you pay are costly, making it sound like a casual restaurant.

    (Out of 5)
    Food: 5
    Staff: 5
    Prices: 4
    Would visit again and highly recommend.
  7. dgl

    dgl Member

    5 Oct 2014
    Enzo's Italian in Weymouth, great lunchtime deal in the week and it's a proper Italian so excellent quality food made fresh and served/cooked by actual Italians (no factory kitchens here), Ginali's in Poole is another great Italian.

    At the cheaper end of the scale Morrisons is usually good, cheap and tasty, and another cheapie is The Admiral Hardy pub on chickerell road in Westham, large meals for a price that has to be seen to be believed.
  8. UP13

    UP13 Member

    27 Jul 2018
    The one my kids always go mental for is Pizza Express. Never had a bad experience there.

    Honorable shout outs to Harvester and Pizza Hut as their all you can eat 'salad' bars are a cost-effective way of filling up hungry kids.

    Ask Italian is a popular one for family birthdays etc.

    When I used to go on railtours before having kids, Wetherspoons were where we almost always used to go once at the destination
    Good food, good price and you always knew what you were letting yourself in for regardless of what part of the country you were in.

    In terms of one-off restaurants there was a place in Bridport, Dorset called the Stables or something that has a legendary status in my family. Pizzas, pies and ciders. Only restaurant we've ever gone to two nights in a row.

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