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Return from Rhymney Gala

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29 Sep 2005
With a spanner in hand in D212's engine room
On my return home from the Rhymney loco gala meet me, Yorkie, Metrocammel, Jim, Joy54.gen and others (possibly even Mojo) found that the direct Central Trains service to Nottingham from Cardiff had been cancelled, so Yorkie told me to go to the Information desk and ask for the quickest way to get home. The person told me that I had to follow the following times:
Dep. Cardiff Central: 18:30 Arr. Bristol Temple Meads: 19:16
Dep. Bristol Temple Meads: 19:28 Arr. Birmingham New Street: 20:50
Dep. Birmingham New Street: 21:55 Arr. Leicester: 22:51
Dep. Leicester: 00:15 Arr. Nottingham: 00:57
I showed the times to Yorkie and he said that if I caught a certain train I may get to Bristol in time for an earier link to Birmingham. He then sent Jim on the train with me, I got off at Bristol and he carried on. The earlier link of course did not exist, so I decided to entertain myself by photting at Bristol and Birmingham, which can be found on my website. I managed to get a lift by road from Leicester from my Grandparents though and got back to Alfreton at around midnight, taking at least and hour and a half off my journey time.

Big thanks to Yorkie and gang for their help. :D
Not open for further replies.