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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Some interesting Stuff I had found in Rail-Gen
Colin Duff said:
Hi all,

My mole with a tunnel that leads to Stewarts Lane tells me that the GEx
458s are now in GEx livery and have had their seating changed to 2+2.
Still no news about when they will be out for testing/training nor any
PRAR said:

a few more diagrams have now appeared at <http://prar.i.am> along with some
annoying popups. Just use the [^] to break out of the frames to get rid off

Recent additions: fGW 180s, Silverlink 508s & 150s

I've reported that all of the GN 317s and 365529 have had external
wagn branding removed during March. The 3 picture livery 365s in
service have also had wagn removed, and I presume it will also be
removed from 365531 once it returns. All the other 365s don't carry
external wagn branding.

I've not noticed any changes internally but will try to pay more
attention tomorrow.

0036 KGX-PBO (arr 02:21), 0106 KGX-LET (arr 02:06) and 0136 KGX-PBO
(arr 03:21) should all be on the move at 02:00 on 1/4.

Thameslink have 4 trains on the move at 02:00:

2359 Haywards Heath-Bedford (arr 02:20)
0152 KX Thameslink-Bedford (arr 03:05)
0040 Bedford-Three Bridges (arr 02:58 )
0140 Bedford-Three Bridges (arr 03:58 )

So we need to know if any of these are First trains before being
able to say which are the last wagn/Thameslink trains.

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Here are some more interesting stuff
Roger Smith

Wednesday 12th April

Class 47 + load 10

5Z82 Southall FSSv - Clapham Jn

Southall FSSv 05.50
Southall T.C. 06.00-22 [GL]
Southall East Jn 06/25 [RL]
Acton West 06/28
Acton Main Line 06/29
Acton Wells Jn 06/31
Willesden SWS 06.34-48
Mitre Bridge Jn 06/52
North Pole Jn 06/53
Kensington Olympia P3 06/58
Latchmere Jn 07/03
Clapham Jn P17 07.10
5Z83 Clapham Jn - Southall FSSv

Clapham Jn P3 22.19
Latchmere Jn 22/22½
Kensington Olympia 22/29 [DML]
North Pole Jn 22/34
Mitre Bridge Jn 22/38
Willesden SWS 22.42-23.02
Acton Wells Jn 23/04
Acton Main Line 23/06 [RL]
Acton West 23/08 [ML]
Southall East Jn 23/15 [GL]
Southall T.C. 23.18-38
Southall FSSv 23.48


All the Best,
Mark Scriven
Roger Smith

Serco Track recorder

Monday 3rd April

1Z14 Derby R.T.C - Acton Canal Wharf
1Z15 Acton Canal Wharf - Bournemouth T+RSMD

Acton Canal Wharf 10.37
Acton Wells 10.40-46
Willesden S.W.S. 10/48 [REV]
Mitre Bridge Jn 10/51
North Pole Jn 10/52
Kensington Olympia 10/56
Latchmere Jn 11/00 [URV]
West London Jn 11/03 [WL]
Queenstown Rd 11/04 [RVL]
Nine Elms Jn 11/05
Waterloo P14 11.11-16 [WSL]
Vauxhall 11/20
Nine Elms Jn 11/22 [WL]
Queenstown Rd 11/23 [WSL]
Clapham Jn P6 11/25 [SL]
Barnes 11/30
Brentford 11/42
Hounslow 11/49
Feltham Jn 11/51
Feltham 11/53
Staines D.G.L 11.58-12.00
Staines 12/01
Virginia Water 12/08
Addlestone Jn 12/15
Byfleet & New Haw 12/23 [SL]
Woking P5 12/34
Woking Jn 12/34
Pirbright Jn 12/42
Farnborough 12/46 [SL]
Fleet 12/49
Basingstoke P1 13/05 (15)
Worting Jn 13/24
Wallers Ash Loop 13.33-39
Winchester 13/50
Shawford Jn 13.53-14.00 [SL]
Eastleigh P2 14.07-09
St Denys 14/16 [SL]
Northam Jn 14.21-26
Southampton Central P4 14.30-32 [FL]
Redbridge 14/36
Brockenhurst P3 14/48
Bournemouth P3 15/10
Branksome 15/17
Poole 15/26
Wareham 15/34
Wool 15/40
Moreton 15/45
Dorchester South 15/51
Dorchester Jn 15/52
Weymouth P2 16.05-15
Dorchester Jn 16/25
Dorchester South 16/26
Moreton 16/33
Wool 16/37
Wareham 16/43
Poole P1 17.04-09
Hamworthy B.C.I 17/16
Hamworthy T.C. 17.24-34
Hamworthy 17.42-44
Poole 17/49
Branksome 17/55
Bournemouth T&RSMD 17.59


All the Best,
Mark Scriven


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8 Jun 2005
1Z14 Derby R.T.C - Acton Canal Wharf
1Z15 Acton Canal Wharf - Bournemouth T+RSMD

Should be Skips....


24 Dec 2005
Skips at Derby RTC? You could be looking at either DRS 37s or last time i saw the serco parked in the RTC it was 47145 T&T with 47355!

Julian G

Established Member
9 Jun 2005
Holy Mackrel
it's not just 365 and 319s which are getting the FCC livery
> Thanks for confirmation that 365505 is the unit in the new livery.
> this was one of the 2 candidates that I identified earlier in the
> week.
> My last recorded working of 365505 in NSE livery was 0553 KLN-KGX
> front unit from CBG on Wed 22/3. I was expecting it on 1815 KGX-CBG
> later that day but it had been swapped, probably in the lunchtime
> WGC whirlpool. Last working was probably in the morning peak of Thu
> 23/3.
> Other sources tell me that 365505 will launch the new franchise on
> 1045 KGX-KLN on Monday 3 April.
> Apparently there is also a 317 in new livery, this is almost
> certainly 317344. This was last seen rear of 1836 KGX-CBG on Tue
> 21/3 and probably worked 0728 CBG-KGX on morning of Wed 22/3 before
> going into Hornsey. I'm assuming it is getting electronic PIS and
> new livery at the same time.
I don't suppose there's any chance the pair of them could be
accidentally let out to play on the Sunday, is there? I'm in the London
area on Sunday, but not Monday, and I'd love a few pictures of them.



Rob W
Hi all

For those of you not members of Scot-Rail. Class 47man has posted
that 322481 will be released from Kilmarnock on Monday afternoon.
Expected to be class 47 doing the business with the translators but
may be a class 66.
Could have company as well if 318258 is completed in time.

Is Cl322482 still at Ilford?


Established Member
8 Jun 2005
Seem FCC only really care about the GN side of the franchise. At least that means I don't miss the 1st FCC liveried 319 as I'm on holiday for 2 weeks for Easter.
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