Rhymney 37s - THE END

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8 Sep 2005
very impressive pictures there but that is not rally the end of the 37's as this say's from 'end of the line'

Target Fishguard...
Further details have been received regarding the Arriva service to Fishguard which starts running on the 12th. Booked for four coaches and an EWS Class 37 the working is the weekday 1B96 10:55 Cardiff to Fishguard returning as the 1B97 13:35 Fishguard to Cardiff. At least two Class 37s are being retained in South Wales, probably 37411 and 37425, to cover this diagram. With regards to how long this diagram will run for there are varying reports suggesting that it will end either late December this year or late January next year or even when spare units are cascaded during 2006 when the new Trans-Pennine stock starts to come on stream. Another angle on this is whether EWS are to supply traction beyond the end of 2005, provided that the service continues to run beyond the end of 2005, and the possibility that another operator (WCRC have been hinted at) may take over providing traction resources as required.
Back to the present and 37405 partnered 37425 on today's Cardiff to Gloucester workings, the last run of which will be tomorrow, whilst the last day for the EWS Class 37s on the Rhymney line is on the 10th with a full Saturday diagram in force. All three sets are due to be out and there is to be an additional 18:15 return to Cardiff working to get the stock back from Rhymney. The last Class 37 hauled set is scheduled to be the 20:20 Rhymney to Cardiff for which it is hoped to diagram 37425 to as it was 37425 itself which inaugurated the Rhymney loco hauled workings a decade ago.
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