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  1. RickE

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    28 Oct 2009
    Having bought myself a new camera and to put it through its paces, I've been a little busy snapping away just lately!

    I paid a couple of visits to the GCR during the month for their Railways at work gala and a quick morning visit to the Bus rally they held a Quorn.

    Railways at work gala can be found at http://rickeborall.zenfolio.com/p856810773

    Bus Rally at http://rickeborall.zenfolio.com/p282739638

    Ive also completed a collection of Modern day freight etc around my local are this can be viewed at http://rickeborall.zenfolio.com/p716203966

    Have also started uploading a collection taken at the War weekend on the GWSR but am still working on the images more will be added shortly. http://rickeborall.zenfolio.com/p818372283

    Hope you enjoy!

    Regards to all.........Rick
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