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Route-building for OpenBVE?

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Ayman Ilham

2 Jul 2016
Blackburn (Lancs)
I plan to make some routes for OpenBVE so I have more locations to drive the great variety of trains that I have on the sim. Some ideas of routes I might recreate are the GEML starting at Shenfield (trying not to be too ambitious here) and ending at Colchester or maybe Ipswich featuring the branch to Southend using the 321 (also, I can use the 185 cab on a 350 to make the 360); North Wales Coast line from Holyhead to Bangor with a possible extension to Llandudno Junction (got the entire ATW fleet); part of the newly electrified Liverpool to Manchester between Newton-le-Willows and Wavertree Technology Park using the 319; Cambrian Line from Pwllheli to Porthmadog using the 158; or maybe a whole bunch of fictional routes based around those areas.

Therefore, I would like to know, is there any software or plugin that would help me build a route easily for OpenBVE? I remember using RouteBuilder for BVE2 many years ago and made a basic working fictional route but is there anything like that for OpenBVE? Or would I have to code it myself on Excel (in that case where would I find the best tutorial for making British routes for OpenBVE)? Objects are not a problem as I can use all the objects that are available from other routes, retexturing stuff where necessary (i.e. station signs). I'm not looking for really high detail or anything like that, just want more places to drive trains in, hopefully providing more free content for others. Thank you! :)
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