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Running day in aid of 37025

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6 Jul 2010
Stolen from the Scottish 37 Group's event on Facebook
I am pleased to announce that the Scottish Thirty-Seven Group - owners of 37025 - will be having a running day on Saturday 24th March. Starting at 1100 and on the hour thereafter, 37175 will run six return trips top n tail with 47643; 37175 will lead up to Manuel Junction and 47643 will work the return to Bo’ness.

As usual, we will be asking for a £10 donation on the day. There will be a buffet on board the train selling hot drinks, soft drinks, a mixture of alcoholic drinks and a selection of snacks. There will also be a raffle on board with a range of excellent prizes.


We have a target of £7,500 to raise between now and the locomotive being mainline ready – expected to be by the end of June. This amount is over and above the current level of the Group's regular income. This running day will act as a massive boost towards this target. Therefore, bring your friends, bring your family, bring whoever you can...

I'm going, anyone else?
Not open for further replies.