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Saturday 4th February in London!

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25 Jun 2005
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My day started later than I intended. I planned to see the Blue Pullmans outward journey, but I woke up late!

I caught the 11:59 Forest Hill - New Cross Gate service
I then caught the 12:10 service from New Cross Gate to Caterham (I saw an MPV at Purley)
I had lunch then caught the 13:10 Caterham - East Croydon.
I caught the 13:35 Turbostar to London Bridge.
I caught a bendy 149 up to Liverpool Street, where there were NO 90s! Anglia livered 170272 was there though.
I then caught a 149 back to London Bridge, then caught the 14:45 Thameslink service back to East Croydon.

I waited for the 15:08 Voyager, which didn't show up until 15:15 due to troubles on the Southern network. When it passed Clapham, I saw 47145 poking out of Clapham Yard shed. We arrived at Olympia at 15:47. The Silverlink service to Clapham Junction left at 14:47, so I couldn't get back to see the 47 :(. Either that or a hal hour wait for the next service. So I left the station and looked at a bus map to see which bus would take me to Clapham Junction. I found out the 49 would take me there, but the stop was a 5 minute walk. I proceeded to the bus stop, but a 49 appeared from a blind corner. I ran to catch it, but the driver didn't stop :(. I then looked on the bus stop, to find that it was a 45 minute journey to Clapham Junction! By which time, it was 16:00, so I decided that it was quicker to wait for the 16:17 back to Clapham. So I took a bus back to Olympia. As I crossed the bridge over Olympia and walked down the descent, I heard something heavy on the rails. It sounded like a freight train, so I ran down the gradient and into the station. It was 47145 + 33103 + 31604 blasting through the station at 16:07!!! The driver of 47145 opened up as he went through the middle road, so there was a huge amount of clag! I was very happy to see that.

So I took the 16:17 back to Clapham where I bumped into Julian G. We took a 442 up to Waterloo, then made our way to Victoria to see the Blue Pullman. After waiting for a 465 to clear plat.2 at Victoria, 47709 pulled into the station with the Blue Pullman. It was there for about 20 minutes. We waited for 47712 to leave. When it did, you could see the clag against the night sky!
I then made my way home.

So I saw 47712, 47709, 47145, 33103, 31604 + 2 73s (at Clapham).

Not bad for a day which started late for me :D
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