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Discussion in 'Buses & Coaches' started by ashworth, 20 Jun 2016.

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  1. nickw1

    nickw1 Member

    9 Aug 2013
    This reminds me of a potential logistical issue with school and commuter peak services. (more historical, admittedly, as can be seen from the topic of this thread)

    During the afternoon, it's possible for a school run to then form an evening peak service as schools finish (I presume they still do) around 1530 so plenty of time to then do a commuter extra run at say 1700-1800... or allow a service which is normally single-deck to be double-deck during the peak (the single-deck normally on the service then maybe doing a peak-hour-only route)

    During the morning however, both school children and commuters get into work/school around the same time, say between 0830-0900 so the same sort of plan cannot happen.

    Were there typically then no morning peak commuter extras, as they clashed with the school runs?
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  2. PeterC

    PeterC Member

    29 Sep 2014
    The examples that I have seen locally are in low frequency rural services which do not have a significant commuter element. Buses are not taken out of public service, schools are served by minor route variations.

    The afternoon gap allows vehicles to reposition so that they are at a major school when the kid are coming out rather than at an outlying village.

    Dedicated school transport is provided by coach companies with rather better vehicles than those on our service buses. I think that they might be seat belt fitted which service buses aren't.
  3. LewFinnis

    LewFinnis Member

    22 Aug 2013
    A large proportion of Stagecoach services in East Kent are 'mucked about' on schoolday afternoons to allow buses to do school journeys. For example, what on Saturday and non-schooldays are through journeys between Dover and Canterbury (and vice-versa) on service 89 run only part way from each end then go onto a school journey, leaving an unserved gap.
  4. 175mph

    175mph Member

    25 Jan 2016
    We have an issue like this in Scunthorpe with our number 10 circular routes, during college term time during the week, the late afternoon runs of the number 10 don't run at all, because the buses are being used on a college service to Barton which is duplicated by three buses, leaving Saturday as the only day where the number 10 runs all day.
  5. AaronR

    AaronR Member

    12 Aug 2012
    Same happens in Ipswich with the ex Carters routes between Ipswich and Colchester, as the buses all seem to serve East Betgholt High and Suffolk One sixth form. The timetable on a Saturday is far simpler to the travelling public, it must be so off putting with the "Schooldays only" codes on half the timetable
  6. mildertduck

    mildertduck Member

    9 Nov 2010
    I used to finish school at 2.30pm. Where I live now, one school finishes at 2.30, most around 4pm, and one finishes at half 5! It's getting silly - how can students be expected to do 3-4 hours of prep per night if they don't get in home before 6pm and fed before 7?

    (Not related to the buses, so please delete if deemed sufficiently OT!)
  7. the101

    the101 Member

    16 Jun 2015
    No, it is not. In many cases, were the school duty not there to soak up a proportion of the full day's overheads then the associated 'public' service would not run at all.

    Far from it being 'disgraceful' as you describe it, it is a cost-effective way of providing servces that potentially would not exist, or would exist but at the expense of other routes.
  8. Arctic Troll

    Arctic Troll Established Member

    12 Sep 2013
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    Although for how much longer, it remains to be seen. There are several schools services in Tyne and Wear which are now operated commercially by Go North East, after local authority funding was withdrawn.
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