Scotland trip 28th January

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30 Sep 2005
Set the alarm for 5am on the 28th january 06. Got 0551 First Bus from Kirk Sandall to donny and got to doncaster at 0610 giving me 10 minutes to spare before boarding the 0620 Doncaster -Glasgow Centrl servive. Whilst waiting I saw acouple of sheds.
We got Durham and 6M60 Seaton Flasks boarded and we were bound for Edinburgh. We went passed Oxwellmains expecting to see 37247 or 60071 but it was actually 37417:)
We arrived into Edinburgh and decided to go to get a shot of the 37 at preston Pans so we boarded a 322.
We arrived and it was grey and drizzly:( There was a fellow photter there who was about to leave then he saw the beast approach!! We photted it and jumped on the next 322 into the capital.
We then of course went for a KFC:)
We then went over to Inverkeithing were we had an hour and saw about 4 or 5 sheds and decided to go to Edinburgh.
I then took 6M60 some locations in the city centre were I knew.
We then had a chippy and returned to 1700 GNER back south.

Thanks for a great day John!! Roll on 4th March!
Not open for further replies.