Seaton & Thornaby 13-02-06

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2 Oct 2005
North East
Hi Folks, sightings from Seaton & Thornaby on a dull Monday, including
pics of a animal trespassing:

Seaton Snook Junction 11:40-13:30

A Horse out for a wonder

Network Rail showed up as backup

The owner takes care of the problem

20305+37069 6M60 Seaton-on-Tees-Sellafield Dep North 12:23-13:30

60060 6N27 Hartlepool Pipe Mill-Tees Yard Coils Dep South 13:30

60080 arrived at Pipe Mill at about 13:00

Thornaby 14:10-16:40

66231+60080 Stabled in Yard

66149+60046+66079+60066+60094+60014 On Depot

66095 East Empty Steel 14:10

66205 Dep West 6D78 Redcar-Scunthorpe Coke(HEA's) 14:20

60060 Arr West 6N27 Hartlepool PM-Tees Yard Coils 14:24

66162 Arr West 6E77 Stanton Gate-Tees Yard Pipes 14:55

66504 West 4D07 Wilton-Leeds Freightliner 15:08

66142 Arr West 6N91 Thrislington-Tees Yard Lime 15:30

66185 West 6G76 Redcar-Scunthorpe Loaded HTAs 15:10-15:45

66050 Dep West 6D11 Lackenby-Scunthorpe Empty Steel 15:55-16:10

66519 East Empty Heavy Haul 16:20

66515 West 4L79 Wilton-Felixstowe Freightliner 16:35

66162 Stabled in Yard on 6Z91 Tees Yard-Toton Empty Pipes

66219 Stabled in Yard on 6F34 Boubly-Middlesbrough Goods Potash


David & Paul
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