Severly Disrupted Trip HST Bashing (London)

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4 Jul 2005
Start off well, 7.55 train to maidenhead from Marlow ,delayed by 34 mins.

Dear Customer,

I would like to apologise for the disruptions to our services on the above dates.

As you may already be aware, on Tuesday afternoon the 1130 service from Swansea to London Paddington struck a person on the line near Didcot Parkway. This happened as we were preparing for the busy evening peak period, and therefore regrettably caused a great deal of disruption and delay. When an incident such as this occurs, the emergency services attend the scene, taking control of the line and subsequent train movement, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Also on Tuesday, the 1248 service from London Paddington to Cheltenham Spa struck a fallen tree on the line at Steventon, and due to the complexities of strategic planning, the train could not be reversed and was also obliged to wait for further instructions from Network Rail. We would like to offer our sincere apologies to those on board, and those affected by subsequent diversions.

All other services affected by these incidents were returned to Swindon, with emergency road transport organised between Swindon and Didcot Parkway in both directions. Whilst we work hard to get such arrangements in place as quickly as possible, it can take time to organise coaches and buses and we thank you for your patience while this was arranged.

Today (20 July) at approximately 0645, Network Rail advised us of a fatality at Burnham involving a First Great Western Link service on the down relief line. Again emergency services took control of the scene, and whilst services were diverted wherever possible, we are acutely aware of the adverse effect this had on our morning peak performance. Normal service resumed at 0920, and I am sorry that many passengers will have been delayed on their way to work or otherwise. .[/quote]

Got to Maidenhead, found out the aciddent was on the slow lines at slough so headed for reading and got an HST (Dark Horse) to Paddington. 1hr 15 mins later after running reds got there, went to Royal Oak, got some piccys, and went to St. Pancreas and Kings X got some piccys and went on some units to see some HSTs at Full Power Screaming by....

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19 Jun 2005
Nowhere Heath
Nice pictures there Joe.

The 1130, eh? Probably one of the services I use the most!

I had reports of it being between Swindon and DP by SMS. Delays weren't too bad to Cardiff and Swansea considering, only saw one cancellation!
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