Severn Valley Railway Spring Gala

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4 Mar 2010
The Severn Valley Railways' Spring Steam Gala will be taking place over the course of this upcoming weekend from Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th March. Is anybody else planning on attending? I would imagine that on a forum as large as this and a for a preserved line as popular as the SVR, that there'll definitely be someone out there who is! I'll be going on the Saturday, and I'm really looking forward to it as I don't get out for whole days very much at the moment while I'm bogged down writing my final year dissertation at Uni.

I've also got a few questions to ask about the line-up, as I've studied the PDF timetable that the SVR have provided ( and it still leaves a lot of holes in the information provided, so, what I'm wondering is:

The loco roster appears to be made up of the following locos:
Home fleet:
LMS 5MT 42968
Ivatt 4MT 43106
GWR 7812 "Erlestoke Manor"
GWR "Large Prairie" 5164
GWR "Small Prairie" 4566

Visiting locos
LNER A4 4464 "Bittern"
Caledonian 0-6-0 No.828
GNR N2 1744
LMS Fowler 3F "Jinty" 47406
BR J72 69023 "Joem"

Now, as regards the Saturday, I know that 7812 will be facing north and will spend the day working with the Great Western rake of carriages which I believe will be the rake that will have the observation car added to it on the 12:05 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth, 14:17 Bridgnorth - Kidderminster and 17:00 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth. Is this correct?

42968 will be facing south, and 43106 will start off facing south to work the 08:33 Bridgnorth - Kidderminster goods but will then be turned to face north to work the 11:04 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth. Is it likely that many other locos will be turned at Kidderminster to change the direction they are facing during the day, or will they, as I suspect, mainly stick to facing in the same direction?

Additionally, does anybody know in which direction "Bittern" will be facing, or for that matter, any of the other locos on the roster?

I assume that "Bittern" will be arriving by rail, does anybody know when this move is going to take place, and will it be hauling any of the other visiting locos down with it?

Does anybody know what trains "Bittern" will be working on the Saturday? I know that it will be working with the LNER teak carriage rake throughout the day, but what trains will this rake be used on: I have a feeling that they will consist of the 09:55 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth, 12:00 Bridgnorth - Kidderminster, 14:40 Kidderminster - Bridgnorth, 16:39 Bridgnorth - Kidderminster and 19:15 Kidderminser - Highley, but it's no more than a hunch. Does anybody know for sure?

Finally, it seems that there will be four 8 carriage "regular" coaching rakes in service, and three shorter, 3-5 carriage "local" rakes in use. Does anybody know which local trains are going to be worked by "Joem" prior to it piloting 1744 on the 16:45 Bewdley - Kidderminster?

I think in essence I just need to get my hands on a loco roster!
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18 Aug 2010
I think in essence I just need to get my hands on a loco roster!

I wish you good luck. From past experience, the Severn Valley have a reputation for keeping loco roster (and other information such as which way the locos are facing) top secret for gala events.
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