Seville to Faro.

Discussion in 'International Transport' started by reb0118, 7 May 2015.

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  1. reb0118

    reb0118 Established Member Fares Advisor

    28 Jan 2010
    Bo'ness, West Lothian
    Any advice for travelling by rail from Seville to Faro (Portugal). I realise there is not a though train for the complete route but my colleague, who is travelling, wishes to maximise train use over bus/coach. He will be travelling with the memsahib so not too much of a slitter please.

    Are there any places en route that would be worthwhile to stop off for a few drinks or a meal?

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  3. Groningen

    Groningen Established Member

    14 Jan 2015
    Seville at 10.00 going to Huelva (only a few trains per day), bus to Vila Real Santo Antonio and further with the train to Faro (more trains than in Spain).

    Or you can check this:
  4. dutchflyer

    dutchflyer Member

    17 Oct 2013
    have done that once reverse.
    In VSA you have to walk all along the town to the ferry to cross the border=river. At PT side station (estacao) is not easy to find this way and not in centre. but now there is google etc and apps to help one out.
    in total travel time, even with fairly favourable timings, is at least double that of direct coach/bus, cost is similar or maybe also even a little more.
    (BUSes Hue-VSA are about 2 hourly and take 60-70 mins). the busstation in VSA is the old train station.
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