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Shed at CJ,Double 456,FCC Staff at Waterloo

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Julian G

Established Member
9 Jun 2005
Well, today the day started after copying the Details of 6Z28 14:00 Hurst Green-Hoo Junction via East Croydon,CJ,Factory Jcn (14:49)
I then went to West Brompton Station, I brought a Zone 1-6 Ticket for £6.30
I then went to platform 3 and I saw a Silverlink Class 313110 come into the platform and stop at the "3 Car" Board, I boarded the train and the train was meant to arrive at Clapham Junction at 13:59, but it had arrived at 13:56, 3mins earlier
After that I went straight to platform 13, and waited nearly 50mins to see 6Z28 14:00 Hurst Green-Hoo Junction hauled by EWS 66004
I then met some mates, and We took the 15:01 Box Machine Service to Battersea Park, and then over to platform 1 for the 15:15 SN Double 456 to Wandsworth Road, I saw 2 Chavs, 1 Person, 3 Murderers (375s), 1 CSE 465,2 SET 465 and 2 Eurostars (TMST)
then I caught the 15:47 Box Machine Service all the way to London bridge and I saw 319219 allox on SU702 which means stabling at London Bridge for the whole weekend (06:46 to Guildford on Monday) and I took 465902 Notworker to Waterloo East, and i bumped to a FCC staff at Waterloo WHSmith, he showed me his Staff Priv :D, and i showed him my Exclusive "THAMESLINK" DaySave ticket, he said why don't i like FCC, i said "Elaine Holt"
and then I took Jubilee line to Canada Water and then East London Line to Shadwell and then after a bit of a walk to Shadwell DLR Station and I took the DLR train to Bank and then home

What a good day containing a Shed, Double 456 , 319219, Box Machine,Notworker and the Tube
Not open for further replies.