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Shoreditch's final hours- video clips

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9 Apr 2006
London, UK

I went to Shoreditch yesterday to film the last train. For those of you that did'nt go, here is some videos of the touching final hours and minutes of the station. The videos are encoded in .wmv format and is optimised for broadband viewers. If there is a demand from dial-up users, when time allows, I will compress the filesize further for dial-up users

The atmosphere of the platform- see how crowded it is! 4.7mb

Last passenger arriving at Shoreditch 6.2mb

Travelling inside the last passenger train 7.42mb

This is a staff train going to Shoreditch from Whitechapel- the driver just had to sound the blooming whistle when I was right next to it! I got an ear-ache now >:( 5.24mb
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