Signal Boxes That Get Demolished

Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by RichmondCommu, 22 Aug 2015.

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  1. RichmondCommu

    RichmondCommu Established Member

    23 Feb 2010
    Richmond, London
    G'day everyone,

    Whilst up in North Lincolnshire the other week my wife and I got chatting to a rail enthusiast who had visited a signal box in the area and explained that much all of the equipment contained in the signal box dated back to pre-grouping. I'm curious to know what happens to all this equipment when a box is demolished; one would like to think that its sold off at auction with the proceeds going to charity but on the other hand I do wonder whether items 'just disappear'.

    Any information would be gratefully received!

    Kind regards,

    Richmond Commuter!
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  3. carriageline

    carriageline Established Member

    11 Jan 2012
    It depends. Some of the stuff gets kept by the local S&T for spares, some goes back to a 'central' department who refurbish items, and are available as national spares, others as you say are auctioned off and offered to heritage railways etc
  4. Philip Phlopp

    Philip Phlopp Established Member

    31 May 2015
    It's not just signal boxes, various other structures which are in the way of electrification, accessibility or realignments are found new homes, usually with preserved railways, in order to keep the various councils and heritage bodies happy.

    The rather charming covered Caledonian Railway foot bridge at Dunblane, which is too low for electrification clearances and inaccessible for persons of reduced mobility has been replaced by a new structure with lifts, but being specifically named as part of the station's listed building status, it couldn't just be disposed of.

    Stirling Council and Historic Scotland eventually sanctioned its removal on the understanding that it will be repainted and rebuilt on the Caledonian Railway at Brechin (I believe it will be at Bridge of Dun rather than Brechin).
  5. satisnek

    satisnek Member

    5 Sep 2014
    Kidderminster/Mercia Marina
    Equipment from mechanical signalboxes seems quite common on railwayana sales stands and suchlike, but the 'post-mechanical, pre-microprocessor' stuff (which is of more interest to me) sadly appears to be less collectable and consequently rarer.
  6. railnerd

    railnerd Member

    16 Mar 2015
    Near where the above once stood

    Im not gonna name names, but I think when certain boxes disappear in the near future, there will be certain bits of equipment that disappear rather quickly.

    When the GN/GE boxes closed, most of the boxes gained labels on equipment that was to be saved about a month before they closed.

    As I know people on the inside, I was quite surprised at some of the strange items that had 'to be saved' stickers on them.

    Speaking of which, when Mill Green SB (in Spalding) was demolished, the contractors saved the box signs and I saw them on the ground. I was told they were going to be put up near the level crossing as a dedication. I thought at the time 'yeah right!'.

    Several months later... I don't see them! :lol:
  7. Llanigraham

    Llanigraham On Moderation

    23 Mar 2013
    When a fellow signalman's last 2 Boxes were closed there was a FULL inventory made about a month before the Box closed, even down to the kettle, and it was checked thoroughly when they did close, and any "losses" had to be explained.
  8. Trackman

    Trackman Member

    28 Feb 2013
    Not that long ago, you could have a souvenir legit. As a previous poster said some equipment is refurbished and used as spares.
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