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Discussion in 'Railway Jobs & Careers' started by Lddex, 12 May 2015.

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  1. Lddex

    Lddex Member

    13 Jan 2015
    I have had one before like this, where the following week saw it turn to 'Invite to assessment 2 pending' followed by a phone call a couple of days later to arrange an interview.

    But not being one to assume, does 'Application under consideration for assessment 2' basically mean my assessment scores are in the top 5 and I am going through to interview, or are there other things to consider. As I got an email for one of the applications saying I was in the top 5 and my application was being considered with the hiring manager and if successful I will be called to interview. But with my other application no email but both are reading 'Application under consideration for assessment 2'

    I know NR HR dept is a bit of mystery :roll: but any light or confirmation of what the above means would be greatly received.

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  3. TomBoyd

    TomBoyd Member

    2 Sep 2013
    I think it means that you passed assessment, and your application is now in the hands of the hiring manager (LOM).

    I don't think this guarantees an interview.
  4. Gavmnnng

    Gavmnnng Member

    6 Jun 2014
    I would agree with TomBoyd,you have passed the assessment centre and are under consideration for an interview.
    Good luck!
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