Some Australian branch line pics

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15 Jun 2011
Lithgow Australia
Hi, some photos I've taken between Wallerawang and Kandos, over the other side of the Blue Mountains from Sydney, Australia. Hope these are of interest.

The branch from Wang to Kandos is nearly sixty miles long.

Cement train 1721 passes a ballast train at Wallerawang.

The same ballast train as the photo above, dropping ballast on Stonehouse Bank (just above Torbane, now Airly Loop Junction).

A coalie at Baalbone Junction, headed for Charbon Colliery.

The same fella at the main line indicator at Airly Loop Junction, where Torbane Station used to be, give or take.

Here he is again at Charbon. The loading facility is to the left of the photo.

This is at Baalbone Colliery, waiting to load.

Three light engines at Brogan's Creek! I wonder how many photo run pasts have been performed here?

...and from another angle.

For anyone wondering if there is water in the tank at Brogan's Creek...there isn't. I didn't look in the other tank at the other end.

Cute little cement hopper, preserved near the station at Kandos.

Part of the grim looking, now defunct cement works at Kandos.

The cement works. I always loved that ropeway from the limestone quarry.

8050 and 8109 about to depart the cement works with 7122

Some of the sizes are probably wrong, sorry. Dunno how to fix that. I'm only a "point and shoot" photographer, some of these were even taken on my mobile phone. ;)
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