Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

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13 May 2011
Anyone got one? Would appreciate any reviews, from experience.

Had my SE Satio nicked at the weekend and was already looking to replace it with an Arc but hadn't committed to it. Haven't entirely ruled out the Samsung Galaxy but would prefer to stick with SE, given the number of spare chargers etc. that I've got.

Specifically, more than as a phone, how good is the FM radio? I use the radio and media player more than anything (particularly when commuting). When I upgraded from a Walkman to a Satio I was very disappointed at the degradation of the FM radio signal. For example, I could get local radio reasonably clearly but all the BBC stations had so much interference on the Satio as to be virtually unlistenable. Also, it's only got an 8Mp camera, as opposed to the 12Mp on the Satio - is it good enough for those occasions when you don't have a proper digital SLR to hand?

(Please - no recommendations to get an iPhone instead, I know plenty of people who can't wait to get rid of theirs. I wouldn't touch one with a bargepole - possibly a baseball bat but not a bargepole.) :lol:
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26 Jul 2010
Just to let you know, there is an "Xperia Arc S" out now, as well as a whole host of other new phones, which may be worth considering. I'm looking at the "Xperia ray" or the "HTC Sensation XL".

Also, all new phones have to come with a micro-USB port now-a-days, so your old chargers may not work with the new phone. (There are images on Google confirming this)

I have nothing but good comments about HTC. I used to live on Sony Ericsson phones and refused to try any other manufacturer until by W995 broke (charger port inside the phone wobbled out of place and wasn't covered on the manufacturers guarantee) so I canceled my contract and got a new Android phone and never looked back.

So don't do what I did and be a plonker and stick to one company. :D
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