South East Loco Group needs YOU!!!

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7 Jun 2005
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Alright gang,

As you guys know, i am heavily involved with railway preservation, East Kent, Coventry etc. One of my lesser known groups is the South East loco group {SELG}
Today the group held they're yearly AGM at the Spa Valley railway, in the function room above the shed at Tunbridge Wells.
The meeting had a good turn out and was very professionally presented by the top table, consisting of Chris Smith - group secretary, Ian Shonard - Chairman and the Treasurer.
I didn't realise until today that there is just 27 members of this highly successfull group, which was the main topic of todays discussions.
The SELG has 3 levels of membership, Supporter {£15 a year}, Part Owner {£25 a month} and Full owner {currently around a £3,000 deposit then a monthly fee depending on bills}. All levels of membership are open to everyone.
The group desperately need a membership injection to broaden the load on existing volunteers working on the restoration and maintenance of 33063 and 33065. The current group of volunteers has a range of ages from around 13/14 to 75ish. Everybody is a great laugh and really friendly, plus you get to help preserve a piece of history at the sametime.
The group will be Tunbridge Wells west from 10am tomorrow working on the support functions of running the locos, such as the stores underneath the shed, if you can spare sometime, go along and ask for anyone from the SELG and they'll immediatly make you feel at home.
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