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South Wales re-signalling

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8 May 2012
I'm new to this forum so hello everyone. I have recently retired from Network Rail after 43 years service on the S & T Dept. at Gloucester, having worked under British Railways, British Rail, British Rail Infrastructure Services, GTRM, Carillion and Network Rail during that period - full circle and costing millions!

Does anyone know the current state of the re-signalling on the Severn Tunnel Jcn - Gloucester line? I'm just wondering if the current boundary with Gloucester Panel will still apply - Gatcombe on the Up and Awre Crossing on the Down. I had heard rumours that perhaps Cardiff would control up to the Grange Court area but this has not been seen in print as a definite.

With Saltley SC eventually taking down as far as Eckington, Gloucester Panel area will be shrinking, ahead of it's closure rumoured to be circa 2017.

Any information will be appreciated. In return, if I can answer any questions regarding the workings of Gloucester Panel, I will be pleased to do so.
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The Planner

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15 Apr 2008
The last set of plans I saw, which are probably out of date now had control changing at UM126 on the up and NT1401 on the down, both approx. at the 126 mile post, so not as far as Grange Court.
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