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South Yorkshire RailMaster

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1 Dec 2010
Does anybody know whether this product is classed as a Season Ticket and covered by the NRCoC, for the purposes of being able to obtain a replacement for a lost ticket under Section 34?

Having spoken to the South Yorkshire PTE I was advised that the product is issued by "National Rail". According to the website:

Travel South Yorkshire said:
Refund enquiries should be directed to Northern Rail.

Therefore, I have also spoken to somebody at Northern Rail. They said something about it being unclear, this question having been raised previously with no decision being made by "management" on whether or not it is a Season Ticket.

They have promised to raise the issue once again and get back to me, and also to send me a copy of the Terms and Conditions for the product if it is not covered by the NRCoC (apparently nobody has asked for these before, so it "could take a long time" to find them).

I note a similar thread was posted almost seven years ago, but I'm hoping that somebody has a more concrete answer now!

Picture of (an older) one of these tickets attached:


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