Southeastern Booking Engine and Plusbus Special Offer

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5 Sep 2011
I am travelling today with my wife and daughter from Slade Green to Chatham.

I know that Southeastern have a 20% sale on off peak tickets during the summer otherwise I wouldn't even bother using their booking engine.
I also found out that theres an offer on Plusbus if bought online (and it specifically mentions Southeastern as one of the online booking engines to book through) where you can get Plusbus for certain areas for just £2.

The Plusbus site mentions the discount doesn't apply to Family and Friends Railcards but that's not an issue as I have a Network Railcard .

Using Southeasterns web site I get a total of price of £21.80 - which is £13.80 for the 2 x adult, 1 x child off peak return from Slade Green to Chatham using the Network card and £8 for the Plusbus - so I am getting the 20% off but not the Plusbus offer.

I checked the same journey using Virgintrains and I get a total of £20.65
so I don't get the 20% off the off peak fare but it is giving me the discounted Plusbus tickets!

Yet no mention as to the Plusbus offer being restricted to full price tickets.

So it looks like I'm better off not using Southeastern's special offer and going with VT's web site instead and getting the PlusBus offer even though I can't see why they can't be combined!

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