Southern refund trouble

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4 Jan 2011
I have been buying tickets online from the Southern site and picking them up from a non-Southern station TVM. It always worked well until 28 June when I got an error message on the screen saying something like; "We have been unable to process one or more of your orders". I couldn't collect from a ticket office so I had to buy another ticket direct from the machine.

I had been charged for the online order but when I went into my account on the Southern site it was shown as 'Completed', even though it was uncollected. The refund button was greyed out. I messaged Southern asking what I should do and not having an acknowledgement or reply after a week I messaged again. They don't seem to reply to messages.

Does anyone else have this problem with them. Most sites give you an acknowledgement when you use their messaging service and normally a reply in a few days. Not so Southern it would seem!
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